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Key in your new mobile number under Mobile Phone Number form and click Request a Security Token. AND because of that is, pretty much, like shooting themselves in the foot both earnings wise & bottom line!! THIS PROBLEM WILL NOW BE SPREAD ALL OVER THE INTERNET VIA VARIOUS SOCIAL MEDIA IN ORDER TO GET SOME ATTENTION & ACTION FROM YOU, since there seems to be no other way to do so!!!!!!!! Someone is using my user name to buy iphones on ebay and I can't get into my account to change it . 3.I called eBay and explained them the situation - ( as per ebay csr my money will be refunded in 10 days no matter what and THAT I SHOULD DISPOSE THE ITEM ) - after that the ebay csr spoke with me she transfer me to ebay. 4.I called back the next day speaking with ebay crs - she was very rude and did not really supported the call in proper manner. 6.I called again to ebay and spoke with csr and explained them the situation- they said I need to speak with PayPal - after speaking with PayPal person I was told the money will not be refunded being the point I had not saved the item. 1.I was never told to save the incorrect damaged products - so how am I expected to return the item.
I like to some to please take ownership of this issue and resolve in better productive way. Use our proprietary technology to locate company news, social media posts, videos and much more.

Hello mu name is Alex and my phone was stole and i can't have the code from the snapchat because i don't have my phone and my old number! Hey i have the same issue and if you found a way to solve the problem, may you please tell me how you did it? I have changed phones and number, and when i tried to login to my account on the new phone, it sys it is a new device and a verification code will be sent to my old number.
I have having the same problem but can not see any replies did you get any help with your problem. How long does the list of un-addressed complaints have to be before you guys actually do something about lousy - lousiest - customer service? Follow the instructions in the text message you receive from Snapchat to finish verifying the new phone number. I can't check my verification code and therefore cannot access and login to my account.
I thought i could TRUST them and not worry about being RIP-OFF' but once again i was fooled.
You have neglected to address am important branch of your company and you NEED TO DO THAT ASAP!!!
So much so, in fact, that I am contemplating filing a class action lawsuit against eBay just so they can have the delightful experience of getting a complaint that they will immediately respond to as nonsense.

I had to pay for it to go back, even after seller agreed to pay return shipping through resolution center. In addition, the seller has copied our website information on the product and my father-in-law, Dave Elman, plus has a picture of his son H Larry Elman and Don Patterson's interview, again, from or website and product.
I'll write a letter to Corp HQ about my experience, though I doubt you'll respond to that either. I don't pretend to know the ends and outs of their business so why should they allow neutral or negative comments that have nothing to do with a transaction that was entirely successful. He paid for original cost, then reneged on return shipping, ebay closed the case and said there is nothing we can do and yes you are right. YOU PHONE THEM THEY PUT YOU ON HOLD FOR 45 MINUTES YTHEN YOU GET CUT OFF, I GUESS THAT IS BECAUSE THEY KNOE THEY HAVE ANOTHER UPSET CUSTOMER. I've been tring to get my money back since july, I did everything ebay told me to do 3 compaines later, and still no refund much less anybody that has any SINCE or C0MMAN COURTESY.They need some people persons[if you enjoy your job and are good at it, you know what people person means] working their, not just a bunch of dead beats that are their just for a check, and rehearsing their lines that they are reading from a piece of paper.I know that their is NOT 1 PERSON thats going to read this that gives a sh-t!

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