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There are a few ways that you can find out what your mobile phone number is, some ways will work on some phones, but not on others. The first thing that you can try is a short code, this has been tried and tested on an HTC device. Featured Articles - A collection of featured articles that consist of tips and tricks for your phone or tablet.
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Q: If I use my phone number to confirm my identity, will it appear in my profile (timeline)?
So, Why Facebook such a hide the phone number of users visible from their friends, or public?, I think the answer is because the privacy issue of the users. Then You might asked Yourself, "Is there any way for me to find the phone number of my friends when I can't see them on their friends profile?, of course there's always the possiblity to do that, as long as You're not give up. If you have been on Facebook recently, you may have seen a few of your friends update their status with this warning:ALL THE PHONE NUMBERS of your contacts are now on Facebook!

To delete your friends' phone numbers from Facebook's Phonebook Contacts list, click on Account in the upper-right corner of Facebook and then click on Edit Friends.
Do you love to update yourself constantly with the Latest News, Blogging Tips, Tech Tips, WordPress Tips or Mobile News, etc and many more. Get all your queries solved here for example - about Latest News & Tips, Updates and How To titles. Then enter the short-code *#100# , and press call, this should then run for a second or two and pop up a box with your mobile phone number in. Anyway, since Facebook changed the majority of the users into Timeline profile appearance, some of You might be asked "Where is the phone number stored on Facebook?", or "Where do I find phone number of my friends on Facebook?", or "How do I find phone number of Facebook users?", etc. Which You might have heard the rumors, or hoax that Facebook published the phone number of the users, but Facebook has claimed posted via status updates it was not true.
Go to the top right of the screen, click on ACCOUNT, click on EDIT FRIENDS, left side of screen and click CONTACTS. Next, click on Contacts from the left-hand column and you should see many of your friends' phone numbers on the Phonebook Contacts page.
If You're about going to find the phone number of Your Facebook friends, unfortunately You can't do that, it's because Facebook will only appear the phone number of users on their Timeline (profile) as a default setting, Unless Your friends make their phone number visible to public, or friends.

You will see all phone numbers from your phone (FB friends or not) are published that you have stored in your mobile phone. In the right-hand column, Facebook provides a description of the page and how to remove your mobile contacts.
If your answer to all the above questions is YES, then HotNewsWorld would serve you the best. And if you'd like, how to delete those of your Facebook friends as well.I am an iPhone user, and I certainly didn't voluntarily provide my cell phone number to Facebook. In the area labeled Phones, you'll see any numbers you've registered with Facebook, perhaps unknowingly.
Remove any numbers you see there and click the blue Save Changes button below.Your phone number(s) might be listed on your friends' Phonebook Contacts list.

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