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Visual Voicemail Plus also allows voicemail messages to be forwarded as MMS messages from your Rogers Home Phone. If you’re already using the recently launched Rogers One Number service, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now integrate Visual Voicemail Plus via MMS on your computer too. The way I read this originally was that the VVM would be a $9 add on on top of regular voicemail. Visual Voicemail Plus MMS messages are zero-rated and don’t count against your data plan. They aren’t supported by the application right now for VVM but they are for the MMS service. Customer service and tech support both apologized and said there was nothing they could do to help me because they had NO info at all on their screen. I have tried to call you guys and ask if it is supported by the Blackberry Bold 9900 and as per your site it isn’t, is there a reason why? At this time, the BB 9900 isn’t supported by the app but the MMS service does work with it. To quote the article: BlackBerry and Android users can download the Visual Voicemail Plus app from Rogers Mobile Internet Portal or the Android Market. The app on the Android Market states explicitly that this app only supports th Sony Ericsson X10 or the Samsung Galaxy Q. I have been not successful, even with Roger’s tech support, to initialize vm on my flip phone since I had registered into a new business account few days ago.
Remember when you could pick up the phone, dial 411 and get a real live person, someone like Ernestine from Laugh-In?

Sometimes, I would call the operator just to find out the time or even the weather in another state. With a cup of coffee at my side, a pen in hand ready to take down the needed information, I call, let’s say, the Gas Company. So don’t I feel like an idiot having just had a heartfelt conversation with an answering machine!
I don’t doubt that some day our answering machines will be programmed to carry on conversations.
OMG, I almost had to leave the office to attend to my potty needs after reading your post!! Come on over to my blog and visit me…we have much in common as far as our rantings…I do that a lot!!
I usually try and do something else while I am waiting, and then you almost forget you have the phone in the other hand – lol!
There are countless scenarios where answering my phone is not an option, like when I’m in a meeting, at the movies,  have my hands full of groceries or when my friend is in the middle of recounting a really important story that requires my full, undivided attention. I don’t have a mms addon so will every voicemail count as an mms I’m receiving? This service is available and compatible with your Android phone if you’re using the service via MMS. I am good at typing one-handed, or making tea, or running around the house picking up stuff. Getting a voicemail greeting that sounds like a live person is answering – that is one thing that will actually IMMEDIATELY make me see red!!!!

Some people assume that their callers want to listen to a particular song, and they play that song – sometimes ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! Once you miss a call, you can’t always call into your voicemail mailbox right away to see what the person had to say, even if you’re extremely eager to find out. What’s great about Visual Voicemail Plus is that not only do you get the audio file pushed to your phone but the message is transcribed to text and sent with the audio file as an attachment in a single message.
For these apps, everything is synchronized between your device and traditional voicemail mailbox. This means you no longer need to dial into your voicemail inbox, enter your password, and listen to all the prompts – your audio message and transcription is just a click away. This means that if you delete or view a message in the app, it will be deleted or marked as Saved in your voicemail mailbox. One of the other key benefits is that you see the list of your voice messages and can directly access the one you want, rather than having to listen to each one in order they were left. For mobile phones that support MMS, you just need to set up your voicemail to get started and messages will be saved on your traditional voicemail mailbox once they have been delivered to your phone via MMS.

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