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Each iPhone or iPod touch has what Apple calls a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), Apple’s version of a serial number.
Applications that are available through the Apple iTunes app store have already been approved for general distribution and can be purchased, then downloaded and installed onto your device. But what about beta versions of applications (which, by definition, are not available yet in the Apple iTunes App Store) for beta testers? You can copy the UDID to your computer’s clipboard by clicking on Edit in the top menu bar for iTunes, then Copy.

In order for us, the developers, to allow you to install our beta applications to your device, we have to register your UDID with Apple so that they can approve your device for use with our application.
It will create an email with your UDID, which you can then send to yourself or the developer. Then, under the Summary tab, you’ll see information on your device such as the name of your device, its capacity, the software version the device is running, and its serial number. If you want to beta test applications, you need to provide the developer with your device’s UDID.

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