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What you are actually saying when you get irritated because I am on the phone is that you are more important than the person I am talking to and I think that is selfish. It irritates me to be talking on the phone to my doctor and have everybody in the restaurant looking over at me like I’m offensive. How am I supposed to read all your distracting facial expressions and how am I supposed to concentrate when your hands are flailing around like hoses in a kid’s play sprinkler?

Are there other things that these really rude people who get irritated with people who talk on cell phones need to understand? I especially like talking to my doctor about sensitive medical information, spots where I have rashes and that sort of thing. If it offends you, come over, make a hand signal for my business card, take my card and text me your request.

I may print out the best comments on a sheet of paper so I can hand them to the flight attendant when she yells whatever she always yells at me as they back the plane away from the gate.

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