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Kaplan, Picture Maker - choosei»? from sub-menu abovePerspective is at the heart of good realistic drawing.
Even though you tried hard to figure things out, did it seem like the right answer to your problem kept eluding you?A I have found myself baffled in this way on several occasions. God intended for your wife toA be more than your housekeeper, your bookkeeper, your personal slave, or the babysitter for the childrenA you bore together. In our modern-day language, we might call thisA a shortfall, a shortage, a scarcity, or a deficiency. As noted earlierA (October 8), the word sun always carries the idea of partnership and cooperation. Every effort has been made here to present the principles of perspective in plain language and in the most understandable manner possible, with plenty of illustrations.i»?Copyright Frederic C. When they experience such a financialA shortfall, it greatly impairs their ability to do business as necessary. Or when a city experiences anA electrical blackout, they experience a a€?shortagea€? of electrical power. The word sunkleromenos means they are partners, not only in marriageA but in all the affairs of life. For instance, it was veryA problematic to find sugar, flour, eggs, milk, butter, meat, and gasoline to purchase.
Whenever a spouse is treated as lessA than an equal partner, that spouse can become deeply discouraged regarding the marriage relationship.A This discouragement, if not corrected, leads to bitterness, hurt, and hardness of heart. This isA why it is so essential that a husband learn to esteem his wife as his partner in life, which is preciselyA who God called her to be. If items did suddenly becomeA available, the news raced across the city so fast that long lines of people almost instantaneouslyA formed. If the husbanda€™s perception of her is anything other than this, he mustA renew his mind to the truth of Goda€™s Word and learn to value and appreciate her. However, those at the end of the lines usually went home disappointed, for whenever aA product did suddenly become available, it usually arrived in very small quantities. But thank God we got smarter and we also shared with one another.A In fact, if a person didna€™t have in his possession the government-issued a€?ration carda€? necessary to obtain these basic products, he couldna€™t purchase them at all.

Once a persona€™s monthly supply of thoseA rations were used up, it was impossible for him to go back to the store to get more until the next month. Thus, when a persona€™s rations ran out, so did his ability to get any of these basic essentials.
That is why it is so important that husbands and wives view andA receive each other as co-partners and co-inheritors in life. This meant that people were very careful about how they used sugar, flour, eggs, milk, butter, meat, and gasoline.A I can tell you from personal experience that when this kind of scarcity exists, it has a great effect on onea€™s ability to live and to function normally. When a married couple see themselves asA a unified team, their prayer life becomes powerful and effective. If you are married, you are no longer just one; you have now become inseparablyA joined to your wife.
But the a€?lacka€? James is referring to is notsugar, flour, eggs, milk, butter, meat, or gasoline.
This wordA sophias could describe enlightenment, insight, or even special insight.A Just because someone has a university degree doesna€™t mean he possesses wisdom.
Although they are intellectually brightA and have diplomas hanging all over the walls of their homes and offices, many of them have anA approach to life that is totally impractical and fruitless.
I am sorry for the times I have ignored her or unintentionally forgotten to treat her like the partner she is in my life.
On the other hand, there are many down-to-earth people who never had the privilegeA of going to college but possess so much wisdom that theya€™ve become very successful in life.A You need to treat education like it is important, for it definitely is.
Starting today, please help me reverse any of my behavior patterns that my wife perceives to be unkind or insensitive.
However, you also need toA understand that having an education isA not the equivalent of having wisdom.
Education gives you information and facts; but wisdom gives you principles, solutions, and answers.
She is my helper, my companion, and my partner.A God called us together to make an impact in this world. Wisdom contains the principles that will lead youA out of that baffling situation and into a place where things begin to work again!

Man has education; but God has wisdom.A Are you experiencing a time in your life right now when you need wisdom about a particularA situation?
Even though youa€™ve studied and tried to find solutions on your own, have those solutionsA been evading you?
Do you treat your wife like your partner in life, or do you treat her like she isA your maid, your housekeeper, or your lifelong professional babysitter?A 2.
How often do you sit down to discuss your plans, your dreams, your future, orA your daily schedule with your wife? As noted earlier,A the word aiteo meansA to be adamant in requesting and demanding assistance to meet tangible needs, such as food, shelter,money, and so forth. This person mayA insist or demand that a certain need be met, but he approaches his superior with respect and honor as he makes his very strong request. Instead of relying on your education and the books on your shelf to give you theanswers you need, go to God first and firmly ask Him for wisdom. As a child of God, you have a right to request wisdom from God when you need it!A When your mind is suddenly enlightened and you miraculously see exactly what you need to do or what steps you need to take, those problems that have seemed so mountainous will melt before you. In fact, God commands you to come to Him when you lack wisdom!A So take a few minutes today to obey that command.
When I have done all I know to do and dona€™t know what else todo, remind me that every answer I need resides with You. He is waiting for me to come into His Presence so He can give me the wisdom I need to confront and overcome every situation I am facing right now.
When was the last time you drew near to the Lord and asked Him to give you the wisdom you need for the situations you were facing at that moment?A 2.

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