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If you’re a Microsoft enthusiast, you most likely know that each year the Redmond-based tech giant is working together with NORAD to allow its users to track Santa Claus and find out his location every day of December. In the meantime, everyone’s waiting for the Lumia Denim update, which, among others, will also bring a bunch of improvements, including Cortana personal assistant, on more devices. At this point, Cortana is still available in a limited number of countries, among which the United States and the United Kingdom, but Redmond promised to release it to more users in 2015. View the location of your friends and send SMS to those who are using the same app (approval is required). I think all of us will remember where we were when this was tweeted from Bill Cosby’s account amidst a national discussion as to whether the legendary comedian is a serial rapist.
And meme him Twitter did, though not in the innocuous way Cosby’s social media team for some reason expected. With seemingly little effort, Donald Trump has built one of the biggest and loudest Web campaigns ever. Australian businessman Craig Wright says he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin. Beats by Dre headphones normally come with a fairly high price tag, but you can save $100 on this one-day deal.

I Can't Find My PhoneA simple solution for a simple problem if you've likely misplaced your phone in your home or somewhere like the office. Berry LocatorCrackberry users can cut short any chances of handheld withdrawal using a myriad of options, including locating via an email message, putting the Blackberry into alarm mode to track it down audibly, vibration+flashing screen mode for those night time cell phone hunts, and GPS map tracking when you've really misplaced your cell. Mobile DefenseMobile Defense displays real-time location information of a lost or stolen phone on an interactive map. Basically, Windows Phone users can also benefit from the partnership between Microsoft and NORAD, but they can do it in style. Not only it means loss of the device but also valuable information like contacts, messages and other such data. You can view the location of your lost phone in a map and also ring it from your online dashboard. Select the operating system of your mobile (currently, only Android) and click the “Get iTag” button. The system relies upon creating a unique ID wallpaper, which allows anyone who finds your mobile to contact you anonymously.
Activate an audible alert to further assist in locating the device even if the ringtone is set to silent or vibrate.

Cortana, the personal assistant exclusively available on Windows Phone, can tell Windows Phone users the exact location of Santa Claus and provide more information on his trip around the world. Although they say that it is for all GPS wireless phones, the operating system selection menu has Android only, so we’d assume that it is currently only for Android customers. Most focused on the fact that Cosby was accused in a civil lawsuit of drugging and sexually assaulting 13 women—the suit was settled in 2006—a matter that came to light again recently following comments by fellow comedian Hannibal Buress. It happens to even to those of us with the best memory, but fortunately there are quite a few easy solutions to help track down your digital best friend. It just went from closed beta to a wait list sign-up, so get your name on that list if you want to give it a go once they relaunch. A digital device "landing strip" and charging station makes sense for both recharging your device daily and also making sure you set it down in the same place every time. Now come back to the website and verify your account by entering your email id and mobile number, and start tracking your mobile.

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