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We haven’t had a true home phone since 2005, when we sold our last place in favor of a gypsy lifestyle. So yesterday I went online to see if Verizon offered some sort of Ooma-esque blacklist for FiOS Digital Voice. After hearing from Andrea Smith of ABC, I also wondered if Verizon Wireless provides a similar service. Do I need to be paying for anything beyond “Verizon Freedom Essentials” on my wireline phone package? To get to that page, I log into the Verizon site and click My Verizon Services > Home Phone > Calls.
The beauty of living in a highly competitive market for wireline providers is that Verizon let me negotiate a very customized triple-play bundle to send costs far under the rack rate, and since I don’t use the landline for much, I was willing to save monthly money by trimming features there.
AnotherDave, We’ve given out the number to family members for emergency and would like to keep the ringers on. You’ve got to genuinely do your homework if you want to seriously negotiate with Verizon.

Know the detailed rack rates and promotions that competing wireline providers offer in your area.
And the beauty is that you get to lock in a rate for 2 years, so you only have to do the homework and phone work once every 2 years.
You can check activity through their web site, and I average two or three calls every day that I don’t have to hear ring my phone. I’d probably have settled for putting the first gen Ooma back into service or abstaining entirely.
Once the feature has been enabled, nuking specific incoming numbers is as easy as bringing up a context menu and clicking Call Block via the VZN web portal.
AND the last time I called Verizon, I tried to cancel the Showtime movie plan ($15.99) but ended up talked into an expanded channel lineup (that includes Showtime) and 10Mbps more on Internet ($15).
Sadly, the worst offender has been the Indiana University (which is where I picked up my master’s degree). Although, we’re limited to prohibiting only ten total numbers (along with all anonymous callers).

Due to where our phones are located and the times when they typically call (dinner), I’ve been unable to pick up in time and tell them to knock it off. It is very flexible, and I don’t use all of the possibilities, but what I do have is a white list (up to 1000 numbers for white list and black list combined). Callers on the white list get through immediately with no indication anything is different. I have it configured so that all other callers first have to press a number (to help with robo-calls) and then identify themselves before my phone will even ring.
Verizon Wireless reverse phone search can help you, an unknown number on your list of missed calls.

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