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On all my past Android phones in the dialer you could go to settings and see a list of numbers you blocked and add new ones to your blocked list. If you have the number in your contacts, you can go to that contact and from the menu select the number to be sent directly to voicemail. Originally Posted by Davidoo1 OK, no one has figured out how to block certain callers by phone number on this device?
With all that our smartphones do, it's often easy to overlook some of the actual phone functions of the device. It's something we hope we'll never need, but you certainly want to have it — and more importantly, know how to use it — should the need ever arise. If someone calls you and you wish to add them to the list of blocked numbers, rather than tap in the center and drag towards the red phone, drag the red phone left towards the center.
In call settings, call blocking — called call reject here — will be the first item in the Incoming call section.
If the mode is set to Reject calls on list, then you can click Reject calls from and start blocking numbers.
It's important to remember the calls here are being blocked by the call reject list in Settings, and while it will work with the stock dialer it is not a sure thing with third-party dialers, as many implement their own app-based system for call blocking.

Google has announced it has acquired Synergyse, which formed in 2013 to help business customers train with Google Apps. The Android Security Bulletin for May 2016 brings a new name — and possibly a new purpose — alongside the information and updates you're looking for. I wouldn't go back because of how good this beast is, but I guess I do miss some of the touchwiz features. Maybe you just need to block that one friend who hasn't quite taken the hint that you're not interested in their drunk dials anymore. If you accidentally add a number to the list using this method (and it's been known to happen), you can access the list through the following steps. The last option in the menu will be Call settings, which will take you into the Call subsection of the Settings app. The Call reject settings may look sparse, but don't let that fool you, there's plenty here to choose from.
If you're having issues with calls from private or withheld numbers, you can block all calls from private numbers with a handy little checkbox at the top of the list. Maybe someone sent your number to a list of trolls and you're getting crank called at all hours of the night.

If you're looking for call blocking without going into the dialer, you can find Call settings under the Wireless and networks section.
First settings to set will be the Call reject mode, which by default is set to Reject calls on list. I know I can block incoming calls from the Verizon website, but that is maxed at 5 and you have to reenter every 5 days.
Whatever your needs, call blocking is here to help, and it hasn't changed much from the LG G3. You can add a full number, or you can add a partial number such as an area code to all calls from a specific area. You can designate the rule as an exact match, a number that begins with the partial or ends with the partial number listed. People knock TouchWiz all the time, but it definitely provides some features that folks rely on.

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