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Co-op City with more than 15,000 flats, in the Bronx, is among the areas that’s not been equipped with Verizon FiOS high speed Internet. For a lot of residents that are disappointed, like Stephanie Brooks, it has been and there’s no FiOS in sight. Barbara Cooke-Johnson, 75, said she was waiting for 2 years to bring FiOS to her block in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.
Verizon had consented to get fiber-optic cable for FiOS and all three million houses in town pass by the conclusion of a year ago.
FiOS remains not available in big swaths of the town, for instance, vast Co-op City complex which includes more than 15,000 flats. From the entrance of the firm, almost one fourth of the blocks have no buildings cabled for FiOS, the report said. On television, they are bombarded with advertisements like most New Yorkers and, when they are able to get the Internet.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has made worldwide accessibility to affordable broadband a top priority for his government.
But the contract has been criticized by Common Cause, a public interest group, as being not overly unfavorable . Now, many New Yorkers say what they need is a response about when they will be really reached by the fiber-optic cable from Verizon. The organization said to the audit of the city to ensure it may supply FiOS in just annually to any resident, that it’d satisfied the condition of getting fiber set up through the entire city. But several Verizon workers questioned the assertions of the firm, saying that to the remaining city, the growth considerably impeded after wiring of Staten Island. The union workers, members spoke on the condition of anonymity since they’re working with no contract amid contentious discussions with Verizon. Cooke Johnson, 75, a retired lieutenant for the city’s Emergency Medical Service, said Ms.
Many have already been carried, through personal experience or those advertisements, that FiOS is not inferior to competing services supplied by the cable companies that had monopolies in various areas of town before Verizon was given a franchise to compete together. In almost every instance of a customer’s having waited over a year, Verizon ran into an obstruction, like an uncooperative landlord, the business said.

Service mentioned the work essential on a single block in Manhattan — 118th Street in East Harlem. The firm, they said, had changed resources to the fast growing wireless cellphone business and was reducing the work force on the wireline side of its own business.
This is useful if for example you want to block all unknown numbers but allow specific numbers (eg. Brooks got about 10 neighbors to concur and believed that she’d have updated from her poky DSL service by now.
Brooks stated that she remained stuck with the Internet connection so slow that Verizon takes almost 15 minutes to download her e-mail and never heard from it again.

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