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How many times are you in a situation where you would like to block a phone number or not accept any call from any specific mobile phone? To get started you need to tap on the contacts application and then select the specific contact which you would like to block. This does not work for the Samsung Galaxy Y, so I was wondering if you can actually block numbers on this phone or just delete the calls.
I have tried this (with my home phone number) and the call still goes through to the mobile phone (S2). What Is The Point Of Telling People How To Block A Telephone Number If It Wont Work, What A Load Of Rubbish And Waste Of My Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have LG Optimus V and I do not have option of ‘BlackList’ just have a re-direct to Vmail, how can I block a number? On all my past Android phones in the dialer you could go to settings and see a list of numbers you blocked and add new ones to your blocked list.
If you have the number in your contacts, you can go to that contact and from the menu select the number to be sent directly to voicemail. Originally Posted by Davidoo1 OK, no one has figured out how to block certain callers by phone number on this device?

Eae naaeaou oae, ?oiau iaaiaaeeaua eee ia?aeaoaeuiua eiioaeou aan ia aaniieieee ie caiieaie ie aoiayueie NIN? May be you would like to block a telemarketers number or a friends number for a selected time frame to ensure that you don’t get disturbed during your important meeting. Do make a note that this video was made using the Samsung Galaxy S2 while these options may or may not be available for your android mobile. I’ve been messing around for ages trying to block some persons number and an Indian woman from Vodafone tells me I have to download something from the Android marketplace, the thing is Android phones also have a tendency to develop a problem with their WiFi as well so I can’t do f*** all! Do you have any tips or know of any sites where I might be able to get any tips about blacklisting people? I wouldn't go back because of how good this beast is, but I guess I do miss some of the touchwiz features. Auoia iaei – aianoe eo a ?a?iue nienie, eae yoi naaeaou iu aai e ?annea?ai.Aey ?aoaiey aaiiie caaa?e aai iiiaaiaeony aiiieieoaeuiay i?ia?aiia - Blacklist. Au naiinoiyoaeuii nicaaaoa ii?aaaeaiiia eiee?anoai oaaeiiia e caaaaoa oneiaey ioi?aaeaiey aaiiuo nin.E?iia oiai i?ia?aiia eiaao aicii?iinou onoaiiaeou aea?ao ia ?aai?ee noie Android.
This is useful if for example you want to block all unknown numbers but allow specific numbers (eg.

Here is a quick tip using which you can easily black list any contact from your phone for a selected period of time. A iai au ii?aoa i?eieiaou ?aoaiea i aee??aiee eee oaaeaiey eiioaeoa ec ?a?iiai nienea.Iieucoynu aaiiie i?ia?aiiie au ia 100% ii?aoa auou oaa?aiu, ?oi ia?aeaoaeuiua eiioaeou aai aieuoa ia no?aoiu! Next time that specific contact tries to contact you, they would not be able to connect with you but if you try to contact that person you would be able to do that. I know I can block incoming calls from the Verizon website, but that is maxed at 5 and you have to reenter every 5 days. Aaiiay i?i?aiia aanieaoiay e eiaao ?ya ioee?iuo aicii?iinoae aey aeiee?iaee ainooia e aai e aaoaio ono?ienoao.
O iaa anou e ieaoiay aa?ney e ooieoeiiae aa ianeieuei oe?a, ii ?oiau auno?ieou iaaa?io? caueoo ainoaoi?ii e aanieaoiie aa?nee. People knock TouchWiz all the time, but it definitely provides some features that folks rely on.

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