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Unwanted texts can be annoying and unexpectedly costly if your data plan doesn’t allow unlimited texts. If it does work, it will save you spending time on hold with your cell phone carrier to block numbers. When your harasser sends you a text, it will display on their phone as having been delivered, but you won’t receive it.
The precise steps for this method will vary based on your version of the Android operating system. Since Apple does not permit any apps that modify its own phone, the only way to block a number on iPhone 5 without paying your carrier is through the jailbreak Cydia store.
The app's developers charge a one-time $12 fee to activate the app once the trial period is over.
Your phone may not have this option – if not, look for an SMS-blocking app (see below).

We're not going to show you how, but it's pretty easy to get around having to pay even the one-time fee — just do a little Googling and you're bound to figure it out quickly. Some cell phone carriers, like Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, allow subscribers to block texts (and calls) from a certain number of phone numbers free of charge. Some text message ads are sent by automated programs designed to send ads to random phone numbers.
This method allows you to block texts from a sender who’s in your contacts, but not in your text history. The Google Play store has a wide selection of apps that offer options for blocking unwanted text messages. To use this service, you’ll need to be a paid subscriber with a registered online account. A variety of paid and free apps are available, each with its own selection of features – some, for instance, offer the ability to browse blocked messages.

However, they offer a variety of privacy options – the ability to block texts from specified numbers, for instance. A reply signifies to the program that there’s an actual human at your number, so it will continue to send ads.
By reporting the spam, you’re helping to eliminate an annoyance for yourself and other cell phone users.
Your carrier’s tech support will probably provide options for blocking text messages. If the price of receiving unwanted texts exceeds the price of your carrier’s child controls, consider enrolling in the service.

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