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Having been inundated with spam text messages and SMS lately on my iPhone, I went looking for a solution to put an end to it all. Almost all text spammers use tons of mass generated phone numbers and user names on free services like Yahoo Messenger to bulk send texts outward.
Note: If any readers have T-Mobile or Sprint and can confirm these instructions by leaving a comment with the correct method that would be fantastic, thanks in advance! This information about t-mobile does not help in telling of a way of how to block a text number.
Verizon Continued: You can block calls and message from up to 5 phone numbers at no charge. These are USA carriers, but you’ll need to log into whatever your cellular carrier is for Australia and look for the similar options to disable SMS as email.
How does this affect services like Pinger and Google Voice who forward texts to your phone? T-MOBILE says to stop Spam text messages, just type STOP in replying to the unwanted message.
To Whom it May Concern; Just wondering if there’s a way to do this for USCellular services ? It took me sometime to figure this out without having to log on to the web EVERY TIME I wanted to block or unblock a number from being able to text me.
More Stuff Like This:Wordless Wednesday: Evo Face Plant#DIY Can You Really Clean Up Nail Polish With Sugar? HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Naturally, these tips can also be used to block anybody from sending you a message—if you don’t want to hear from that crazy psycho ex anymore, just treat them as a spammer and block them accordingly. Everybody everywhere knows that email providers have spam filters, but did you realize your cell phone company has spam filters for SMS messages as well? When you’re dealing with SMS spam, sometimes you’ll be spammed by a single number, but often it’s going to be coming from all over the place.
The biggest problem is that you’re paying for the incoming SMS message, even if you didn’t request it—and then you have to pay for another message to remove yourself? If you’ve got an Android phone, you’re in luck, because there’s a ton of applications that block SMS messages from people that aren’t in your contact lists. If you are a Google Voice user, you can block spammers directly from within Voice by simply logging into the web panel and clicking the “Report Spam” button for any message you want. It’s important to note that this will block other, potentially legitimate notifications—if you use notifications from your airline, web sites that send SMS reminders, and others, they usually use email to SMS gateways to send them. Note: If you have an Android phone and you’re using an SMS blocker application, you might still want to use this setting to reduce the amount of SMS spam you get billed for. Sadly if you’re using either T-Mobile or Sprint, you don’t have as many options on the carrier level. The controls on AT&T are actually better than Verizon, because not only can you block text messages and multimedia set from the web or email, you can also set a secret alias for your phone’s email to SMS gateway. The other benefit with AT&T is that there’s no need for blocking voice calls, since they don’t work very well anyway. Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. I installed a spam blocker on my old-tech N70 because usually spam comes from my cell phone company. I’m asking because this phenomenon is unknown where I live (in Denmark) and the concept of sms-spam seems absurd to me.
It’s worth noting that blocking individual numbers on Verizon may only work for 30 days, and then you have to reblock the number.
Also, it is possible in a retail (corp) store or via phone to block an SMS shortcode using a tool called PMG (premium messaging gateway). The best way to prevent VTEXT messages arriving to your phone is to go in and adjust the nickname (possibly) associated with your account.
If you have a nickname associated with your account, or no nickname at all, change it or create one, treating it like a nigh-unbreakable password. The biggest benefit of this method is you never have to update or refresh domains, numbers or addresses that regularly harass or misreach you. I work for T-Mobile in customer service and I can assure you that we do have a block all function for fighting spam.

For Spam emails to Mac or PC computers, Nortons Anti Virus program tags each spam email with the word [SPAM] so they are easily identified and can be dragged to a folder you have created and titled RUBBISH. By simply dragging (and not opening) the email, the host that sent it never receives an indication it was ever delivered and eventually assumes your email address is not correct. The RUBBISH folder is handy in the event you have not received a certain email you were expecting.
The Verizon section was very helpful… when I first visited their site, it looked like I had to buy a service, but your post showed me the free section!
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Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. You're Done!Now those annoying text messages from telemarketers, spammers, crazy people and your parents are a thing of the past.
I have a spammer who is persistent and somehow send a false phone number that keeps changing and it is 16 numbers long and sometimes it says spammer. What if the people harassing you are using a texting app that allows them to continue changing their number in order to harass someone?
Note that all of these options are account-wide, meaning if you and your family share an cell account, it will work to block spam for all numbers associated with that account.
On the other hand, if someone you want to communicate with actually does send you texts as emails, go ahead and add them to the allowed list. If you do change cellular providers though, you will need to make the Email Text Message adjustments again for new cell carrier. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
If you’re on a minute plan or pay for texts, it will save you money and also stop the annoying calls and texts!
You cannot block numbers within your account or non-10 digit numbers such as 911, 411 or #MIN (checks minutes used).
Nonetheless, about 85% of our readers are based in the USA and so are we, thus we have to rely on our international readers to contribute specific information for foreign carriers since we do not have access to them directly.
The Better Business Bureau has a form on their website that you can fill out that allows them to track the spam text and they actually trace IP addresses etc and places a very hefty fine on anyone found sending these texts. You can avoid your boss’s phone calls and prevent other people from contacting you verbally, but what about SMS messages. I have decided that things that take me forever to figure out, I am going to share with you all. I am sure there are many people out there who want to block people from sending them texts!
Within a minute or so you will receive a text message back confirming the number has been blocked.
Yes, it’s suspicious timing, considering that Facebook just started giving out our phone numbers to app makers—but either way, here’s some tips for how to block annoying SMS spam.
When you’re receiving SMS spam, it means that those messages got through the filters and made it to your phone.
You can reply “STOP” like they ask you to, but it’s unlikely to work the way you think for most phone providers.
This is perhaps the most straight-forward way to get rid of spam, though you can also look at the carrier-based options further down the page. The most important feature is to enable “Block unknown numbers” from behind the misspelled “Setting” button. You can also block domains or email addresses specifically if you want—just head into the Internet Spam Blocking tab once you login to the Verizon panel. Sprint has absolutely none as far as we can tell with some research (if you’re a Sprint customer and know of something, please let us know), and T-Mobile has something they call “Email Filters”, which allows you to block based on certain criteria, but doesn’t give you the global option that AT&T and Verizon have for blocking all messages. No need to express just how annoying it was especially since it was in the AM and I was at work.
So yes, our cell companies charge for incoming and outgoing calls and messages, and Facebook is allowed to help spammers operate for money, no matter what their protestations to the contrary. I was told it could take up to a month to take effect so, not wishing to pay for unwanted text messages during that month, I decided to bite the bullet and instructed T-mobile to block all my test messages.
If you open your text messages in the sender area type in “9999” then in the message part type in block and put the number, and it will block that number! Even after enabling the blocking options and creating an alias, I kept getting the messages.

I get calls every day and it is great to provide us with as much info as possible so we can add to our spam filter to prevent others from getting the crap. Your anti spam program may have decided it was spam and marked it as such resulting in you dragging it to the RUBBISH folder.
Just an FYI, I’m on att and they had no interest in collecting the spammers information.
Just keep in mind that this will only block them once they hit your phone, not your carrier, so if you have to pay to receive a text, it'll still show up on your bill.The feature also comes in handy if you have enemies who like to harass you via SMS, or maybe an annoying friend who keeps text-bombing you. If you want to block numbers from calling you or sending you FaceTime requests, check out this tutorial. Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things, 18 coolest new features, and 18 sneaky privacy-betraying settings in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about. You could check out this article, How to Fix Delayed iMessages & Text Messages After Upgrading to iOS 7, where there are helpful comments that might solve your issue. For Android users there are a bunch of apps that block SMS and phone numbers for you… why not Apple? So aside from blocking them via your service provider, you can also hit these spammers where it really hurts them — their wallets. Your best bet is to contact your phone provider and let them know about the spammer, so they can add them to the filter and prevent them from reaching your phone. Sure, the spam will eventually stop, but it lets the spammers know that they got a real person. You can also block by keyword, number, and also see a list of all the spam messages that were blocked.
After the month was up I had them unblock them and during the 3 months since them I have not received a single spam text, knock on wood! The person in the store referred me to their customer care phone number, and the person on there told me there was nothing they could do about it and wouldn’t even take the offending #.
I keep sending messages to a friend, she does not receive them but she receives the messages sent from another phone of mine. My 17 year old daughter has been getting harassed for over a year and after changing her number multiple times and they somehow continue to get her number. Could you imaging how many messages they’d have to deal with if they did and everyone replied like that. Depending on which carrier you use, there is still hope for those that want to block certain SMS messages. There’s loads of other apps that do the same thing and even have more features, just search through the market. Also other people are receiving my text messages, so there is something about connection between me and her.
Read on to find out which of these carriers may be able to help you and how to manage blocking SMS messages.Prevent Unwanted Messages On Your PhoneWhenever you receive an unsolicited text message or an advertisment you are the victim of phone spam. Once you’ve installed it, you can follow this tutorial to help understand all the options—the important one is to block “Unknown Number”, which is where all of your spam is going to come from. When you get the spam from a four digit number and it says enotes on your bill this is where it is coming from. Would it possible that somehow I activated an option that not allows me sending her text anymore? According to certain phone companies, a large share of these messages are sent from the Internet directly to your iPhone, so they are actually email messages of some sorts. These service providers also offer their clients a free service that comes with some optison for blocking these kinds of messages.
It will let you use certain features for blocking incoming or outgoing text messages for up to 30 phone numbers. It costs $12 and it will give you the opportunity to block incloming calls and text messages.So, as you see, there are ways to block certain SMS messages from reaching you. Some of these options are carrier-specific and the services of that carrier may or may not be free. Those with jailbroken iPhones can install and use iBlacklist and only spend a small sum for the app to get the same results out of it.

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