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Ooma is a true replacement for an expensive landline or a phone service bundled with your cable and internet. You’ll lower your stress with the Ooma Telo, by blocking all solicitor calls and getting your important voice messages on your smart phone email or by accessing your personal Ooma account on the internet. Since discovering this hidden gem in January of 2012, I've been a very satisfied customer, saving $695 to date, which includes the cost of the Ooma Telo box. It's tough to get your head around why anyone would NOT want to have between $60 to $80 extra at the end of every month. I have a long list of clients who have switched to Ooma Telo and all have told me they're very satisfied. Well, this is possibly true if you don't make any long distance calls, but most people I know that have tried this are paying much more than when they had both a traditional landline and regular cell phone. Magic Jack, Vonage and Ooma all use Voice over Internet Protocol phone adapters, but that's were the similarities end. I don't know if this is true in the US, but here in Canada I've seen anywhere from $45 to $95 per month for each of these so called "cost saving phone bundle" add-ons. If you want to know more about Ooma and how I can help you make a pain-free transition from your old phone company, I never get tired of talking about it. I am a tech addict and enjoy helping others clearly understand and make the most of the amazing technology at their fingertips.

Listen for confirmation that the number has been successfully added and move on to the next phone number until all the numbers you want blocked are entered.
If you decide that you no longer need this feature on your phone, it can easily be canceled by pressing *80 and pressing number 3 on your phone; this will cancel call screening on all numbers on your list.
You can also unblock individual numbers by dialing *60 and following the prompts to delete certain numbers from your call screening list. Comcast digital phone service offers subscribers many features, including the ability to block their number from detection from caller identification.
Anonymous call rejection allows Comcast users to block calls from private or restricted phone numbers.
If you don’t have a smart phone, you can even get a text message notifying you of a voicemail with all the caller information.
In certain situations, where something like a Lifeline Pendant demands constant phone service, I completely understand, but for a very large majority this is not a requirement.
Some have replaced "Home Phone" service on two lines or one "Home Phone" and one Vonage with a single Ooma Telo.
Don't forget, we all want data plans with the smart phones that most of us are now using and this, along with long distance charges is a cost that many forget to factor in when they completely ditch a landline, especially when two or more family members start using their cell phones for all calls. There's a lot of competition in this field, but Ooma stands out with the superior quality, ease of use, and a huge list of features for just $12 per month.

Ooma can also forward important calls directly to your cell phone or any phone number you want.
Many people now have cell phones for backup, if there's ever a short term power outage or loss of internet access.
With Ooma, two distinct lines and phone numbers are the same cost as one, just $12 per month. So for my clients with a separate business line, they are saving between $85 to $220 per month. Yet another benefit of caller name speaker!- Hear it all for Free, without the necessity of touching the phone.Take the call or decide to call later without touching the phone. No one that has properly setup Ooma Telo can honestly write that it has voice quality that's anything other than excellent.

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