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Samsung Mini S4 really a crap phone.Wont charge and its not even 2 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should you have any problems with any Samsung Devices covered under warranty within the UK you can send them to the Samsung repair store in Edinburgh.
Combination of straightening the charge port using a small screwdriver (used for eye glass repair) and cleaning out the area (about 5 strong blows of air) worked for me. Thanks for this – VERY HELPFUL – my phone just stopped charging and the tips in this article helped me get it charging again! Android Apple Gaming How To Internet iPhone Mac Review The Top Best Windows PC E-Waste: You Will Be Surprised By The FactsLast week, we have celebrated earth day. No more worries now because we are going to tell you a great way to block a phone number on your Android device. There is no need to install any app like this because we have an easier way to block an unwelcome phone number. The way of blocking a phone number which I am going to discuss might differ depending upon your Smartphone. Whenever you receive a call, hit Reject call with the message and select the text message you wish to send.

Tip: You can easily go to the contacts, pick up any particular contact and then hit left button for more options. Several Android devices have this gorgeous feature with some changes, but sadly there are a few Android phones where you cannot have this particular option.
Linda Martel is an android researcher and she is working as an app adviser in Android community.
John Smith: two questions if I may1 can you block texts on a none S model galaxy 32 can I block SMS on my phone without losing regular text messagesi»?Kyra Sheridan: Thank you!!! Among several problems facing by the owners of Galaxy S4, the most common problem is the battery charging issues.
Blowed compressed air in the slot and in every open area of phone and it appears to be charging.
Although there are different apps available nowadays claiming to block the annoying numbers, yet it is a little bit irritating for the users to download and install such apps. Samsung is the best Android manufacturer at present and that’s why I prefer it as an example. On the contrary, most of the devices comprise this option and you can take benefit of this.

Recently, some users faced the Samsung Galaxy S4 not charging- grey battery problem on the Technobezz forum. You do have to pay for the postage but it is defiently working sent mine got it back a few days later and havent had a problem since. The most useful thing about this gorgeous option is you can type a text message of your own. Some users had complained that when they were trying to charge the phone, the phone would have not responded and a grey battery symbol would appear on the screen. Some users had reported that the phone was vibrating while showing this grey battery symbol.
Strange no settings option which I do have for call numbers and put same number on reject list.

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