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If the message is from someone you know, go to your Menu and find the person in your Contacts. Change your security settings on social networking pages (Facebook, Myspace), so that only people in your friends or contacts can send you messages. Text message spam, difficult stop, growing menace, Text message spam has started waking bob dunnell in the middle of the night, promising cheap mortgages, credit cards and drugs. How block annoying text message (sms) spam?, Over the last couple of days, my cell phone has been inundated with text message spam.
How block filter spam text messages samsung, Ah, spam – bane modern man, disliked type messages receive daily basis. Mobile phone spam - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Mobile phone spam form spam directed text messaging communications services mobile phones.
Nuisance calls are the top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and many state attorney general offices. Nomorobo is a free service that intercepts calls after the first ring and blocks those on its vast FTC-assisted blacklist (quickly approaching 1 million numbers, with 200 added daily). AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other carriers all have their call-blocking policies — which come with possible additional costs, depending on your service. You can set your phone to Privacy Mode to get calls only from those preapproved and on your contact list, while built-in Call Rejection allows you to send calls directly to voice mail without your phone ringing.
Use Do Not Disturb to silence calls from everyone except those selected from your contact list; for iOS 7 or above, follow these instructions to block specific callers. Whatever your phone or system, ongoing nuisance calls should be reported to your service department’s “annoyance department,” which can place a trap on your number to stop specific callers. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives.
The first level is to ban specific people and numbers from calling your phone in the future.
To add a number to the blocked call list, pull up their contact and scroll all the way down until you have the option to block that caller.

If they called you recently, but didn't identify themselves, go into your recents and find the unknown number. Even better news: iOS9 is rumored to have a new feature that suggests who the unknown caller might be.
Blocking calls, of course, won't work for people calling you for the very first time, or from a different number every time. A more extreme method is to put your phone in the "Do Not Disturb" setting, and select all the people from your contact that you will allow to disturb you. Dabney is a Southern-born, New England-raised, current Midwesterner who writes about design, obsesses over dogs, and can easily read a book a day.
These tabs should appear at the top or bottom of the screen when you are in the forum or chat room. How can you block them, beyond listing your number on the Do Not Call registry, which is ignored by scammers making live and automated calls?
If it’s legitimate, the call goes through (for a second ring); if it’s an illegal robocall, Nomorobo intercepts the call and hangs up for you.
Digitone Call Blocker Plus, which costs about $100 and works with any carrier, was the call-blocking device rated best by a Consumer Reports test panel. Verizon Family Base plans block up to 20 contacts for $5 a month (similar to AT&T’s Smart Limits plan). If you receive repeated calls from the same “legitimate” business, request that the company place you on its do-not-call list. You’ll receive free email alerts with tips and resources to help you spot and avoid identity theft and fraud, and gain access to a network of experts, law enforcement and people in your community who will keep you up to date on the latest scams in your area. When one icky person or telemarketer breaks through, it feels like they are penetrating my innermost sanctum and I'll do anything to keep them out.
The numbers have to be in your contact list first, so it's not the answer to all unwanted calls.
Tap the "i" information icon to the right of the number, then scroll all the way down for the option to block the caller.

If you change your mind about blocking someone, this is where you go to reverse the directive. This is what you need to do to thwart telemarketers, political calls, and fundraising efforts. Then tap the "i" information icon to the right, scroll all the way down to block the caller. This makes me nervous though, as I can see some people calling me for the first time that I actually want to hear from.
SMS Blocker from Optinno, which is one of the popular Symbian app, is now available free for the Android phones. There’s no cost to block up to 50 contacts with MySprint or 10 numbers with T-Mobile’s Never Allowed. With the declining use of land lines these days, it's harder and harder to put a buffer between you and unwanted calls. But if you have an ex who won’t leave you alone, or any other tedious acquaintance, this will be helpful for you. Note that their next call will go directly to voicemail, so you won't escape contact entirely. How To Block SMS On Android Phone For FreeTo block unwanted SMS on your Android phone, download SMS Blocker from the Android Market. The good part about that is if it's actually an important call (say, from a medical provider) you'll still get the message.

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