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A law meant to stop online piracy may give companies the power to share subscriber information in secret, without a warrant.
The Digital Privacy Act raises the possibility of warrantless disclosure to anyone, not just law enforcement.
While there's plenty to brag about, newly-minted Digital Canada 150 report misses the big picture.
Web and phone records disclosed to gov't tens of thousands of times a year with no oversight. After years of false starts, Industry Minister James Moore last week unveiled the Digital Privacy Act, the long-awaited reform package of Canada's private sector privacy law. The government promised that the bill "will provide new protections for Canadians when they surf the web and shop online." But buried within Bill S-4 is a provision that threatens to massively expand warrantless disclosure of personal information. The centrepiece reforms within the bill are much-needed security breach disclosure requirements that would force organizations to disclose breaches that put Canadians at risk for identity theft. While security breach disclosure requirements are a welcome addition to the Canadian privacy framework (as is the introduction of compliance orders that may help hold organizations to account where violations occur), the expansion of warrantless personal information disclosure raises enormous concerns. The law currently entrusts telecom companies and Internet providers with a gatekeeper role in law enforcement cases. Bill C-13, the cyber-bullying bill, creates an incentive for companies to voluntarily disclose to law enforcement by granting them full immunity from any civil or criminal liability for doing so.
Yet the voluntary disclosure to law enforcement rules pale in comparison to the Digital Privacy Act, which would expand the possibility of warrantless disclosure to anyone, not just law enforcement.
Consider the recent copyright case in which Voltage Pictures sought an order requiring TekSavvy, a leading Internet provider, to disclose the names and addresses of thousands of subscribers. If the Digital Privacy Act were the law, the court might never become involved in the case. The end result makes a mockery of the notion that Canadian privacy laws are premised on consent and court oversight. Organizations would be permitted to voluntarily disclose personal information to law enforcement as part of a lawful investigation (with legal immunity) and to voluntarily disclose to private organizations if they are investigating a contract breach or alleged legal violation. The government may be promising new protections, but the troubling reality is that legislation currently before Parliament will expose all Canadians to the prospect of widespread warrantless disclosure of their personal information.
Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.
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In order to keep your expenses in check, it is important to know how to check cell phone records.
Even if you have a plan that is suitable to your needs, there are other reasons why you would want to check your cell phone records. Usually the easiest way to check your cell phone bill is to have the physical cell phone bill in front of you.

If you do not have a paper bill, you can usually log into your cell phone provider's website using your cell phone account. It is also very much worth noting that some carriers may charge you an extra fee for what is known as detailed billing. Due to privacy laws and other legislation, it is typically not possible for the average citizen to request the cell phone records of another private citizen without their consent.
If you want to check the cell phone records of your ex-spouse, for example, you'll need to ask him or her first. Los Angeles police have sought to check mobile phone records to determine if reality star Bruce Jenner was texting at the moment his car crashed into an automobile as driven by now identified 69 year old fatal victim, Kim Howe.
Whilst Jenner escaped the ensuing four car pile up as Howe’s car was fatally knocked into oncoming traffic, the driver of the vehicle who Jenner bumped into was killed whilst seven other passengers from two other vehicles were injured and taken to hospital. At the time of the accident, Bruce Jenner told that he had been chased by up to five paparazzi, but witnesses have since discounted that claim, telling that it appeared that Jenner may have been on a mobile phone causing him to lose his focus on the traffic ahead.
Police have stressed that all parties involved will have their phone records to check if anyone of them had been preoccupied on a mobile phone, not just the reality star himself. The new tact comes with cops telling that there is no evidence Jenner was being chased by photographers at the time of the collision reiterated Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt.
Photographs showing the crash impact appear to show Jenner, who is dressed in a blue jumper with dark sunglasses on, with his left arm raised while behind the wheel.
It is thought Jenner smashed his Cadillac Escalade into the back of the victim’s white Lexus, which was then pushed into the path of a Hummer, leaving the vehicle a crumpled wreck and the sole occupant dead. The Olympic gold medalist and Kardashian family patriarch took a roadside sobriety test in front of officers in the wake of the horrific collision, which he passed, while his son Brody rushed to comfort him at the scene.
TMZ would this morning release pictures showing that the reality star had been smoking a cigarette at the time of impact, as photographed by paparazzi, putting into doubt that he had been texting. Jenner told cops he was being pursued by paparazzi in the moments leading to the original crash, however a sergeant disputed the claims. Jenner passed a field sobriety test and voluntarily went to a nearby hospital to provide a blood sample. There is speculation that Jenner is preparing to give a tell-all interview discussing the process as well as plans to make a documentary as he prepares to go public. Three-times married Jenner has been given the approval of his family including his 88-year-old mother Esther Jenner‘s support.
The Canadian rules include notification to the federal privacy commissioner, the prospect of wider notices to affected individuals, and tough penalties for organizations that fail to comply with these obligations. It permits these companies to either voluntarily disclose personal information as part of a lawful investigation or to demand that law enforcement first obtain a court order. In light of recent revelations that they already disclose subscriber information tens of thousands of times every year without a court order, the immunity provision has raised significant fears in the privacy community that the practice will become even more commonplace. The bill features a provision that grants organizations the right to voluntarily disclose personal information without the knowledge of the affected person and without a court order to other non-law enforcement organizations provided they are investigating a breach of an agreement or legal violation (or the possibility of a future violation). The federal court responded by establishing numerous safeguards to protect privacy and to discourage copyright trolling by requiring court approval for any demand letters being sent to subscribers.

Instead, Voltage could simply ask TekSavvy to voluntarily disclose the subscriber information (including details that go far beyond just name and address) without any court order and without informing the affected customers. Defamation claims, commercial battles, and even consumer disputes may all involve alleged breaches of agreements or the law. Moreover, the disclosures would be kept secret from the affected individuals and the disclosing organizations would be under no obligation to publicly report on their practices. Just as you should be keeping track of all your other bills, from the mortgage to Internet service, including your cell phone expenses as part of your monthly budget only makes sense. If you find that you are making most of your calls in the evening, it may be worthwhile to look into cell phone plans that include unlimited nights.
For instance, it is not out of the ordinary to discover errors and unexpected fees that have been added to your bill. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the layout, where the information is placed, and how you should go about reading it.
Most carriers, like Fido and T-Mobile, have an area on their websites where you can log into your account and check many features regarding your account. Instead of simply providing your aggregate usage, detailed billing will list every phone call you made, the number that was called, how long the call lasted, and other pertinent information.
The exception comes with some government officials, law enforcement agencies, and other security personnel that may be able to access that information, possibly under the Patriot Act. While it is certainly prudent to pay all your bills on time, in order to avoid late fees and other troubles, this does not mean that you should pay your bills blindly. This can represent a significant savings over paying for each minute individually or taking them out of your monthly bucket. You only have a small window in which to dispute these charges, so be sure to check every bill every month for any mistakes that your wireless carrier may have made.
Review how the minutes were used, if you had any overages, and if you were charged any additional fees that you did not know about. This can be very useful for tracking your phone usage and, in the instance of concerned parents, it could be a good way to know if your children are chatting with people that they should not. If you are consistently going over your monthly allotment, it may be a good idea to inquire about changing your cell phone plan. The online versions of the bills are usually quite similar to their paper counterparts and you may even be able to download a free PDF version to print, should you so desire. Here is the official description for Criminal Record Check:BSEditor: What do you think the possibilities are that your partner is a criminal? You may be surprised, the number of people who hide this type of thing is extremely high.You can Now use our Criminal Record Checker to search for anyone who you suspect (you may not even suspect!) to have done something wrong in the past. The best thing about this is it's completely private, none of your friends you check on will hear about it.Use our 100% Virus free software now, Get the Criminal Record Checker!

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