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IMEI number is a very important piece of information on your deice which is a short form of International Mobile Equipment identity number and it is used to identify your mobile phone in the international mobile market. It is also used by network providers to create a list and classifiy mobile phones based on their use into White list, grey list and black list which is used to either block or give restricted permissions to use the mobile phone. So it is always important to note down the imei number of your device when oyu ahve first bought it. IMEI number is always written down on the bill you get while purchasing the device from a store. Make sure you always have this bill with you with the imei number on it as it will be the only thing useful to help identify that you are the owner in case your phone gets stolen. You can always check the number on it and note it down or store the box for authencity and to knwo that you are the owner of the device. You can use any of tha boce mentioned tips to get your device imei number but make sure that you note down the number somewhere safe of store your bill and box safely as those are the things which will be useful in tracking your device or atleast disablign it in case of theft or if it gets stolen.

I am a gadget savvy Dentist by profession, but my passion is more towards gadgets, gizmos and photography. This short guide will show you a few quick and easy ways to work out which Nokia phone you have.
This might seem like a really obvious thing to suggest, but some Nokia handsets will have their model number printed on the housing somewhere. All Nokia phones have a shortcode that you can type in to bring up information on the phone.
Both the phones comes with the same specs and looks, the only difference between them being, the former has dual SIM support while the later has Wi-Fi support. IMEI number is very important and can be used for many purposes like tracing your lost nokia x, x+ or xl mobile phone, if you have the imei number then the police can trace your device location using the imei number. IMEI number is also used to restrict certain apps etc on your device depending on the location which is tracked by using the imei number.

The imei number will be written down on your bill which should be kept with you always in case of theft or when you loose your phone. Probably the most well known range is the more recent N-Series, but every one of their handsets belong to a series of handsets whether it be 1000 series, 2000 series etc, where the series is determined by the first digit of the model number. Each handset is configured slightly differently, so how it appears on your phone may be slightly different to how its shown here. This helps establish that your IMEI is genuine and there is no mismatch in this regard.Use Check IMEI for more information1.

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