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You tube is a video sharing website on which users can upload, watch videos online and can also share them. After clicking a pop up button will be displayed on screen for your conformation about clearing your history. After clicking a pop up button will be displayed on screen for your conformation about clearing your search history.
Hope this will help you  to Remove Your YouTube Viewing and Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect.
There is a Facebook feature that allows anyone logged into a particular Facebook account to browse and clear their entire Facebook search history.
The instructions and video detail how to delete your entire Facebook search history at once, or single Facebook search terms. To remove individual searches, opposed to clearing the entire Facebook search history, click the icon on the right side of the searched term and click Remove when prompted. Your hints were very helpful and worked well last few weeks until today when the Clear Searches link at the top is not there anymore!! By going on the page You can find your search History in bing .If you want to delete all of them you search in bing, can click Clear all.
Then click – Yes, clear all search history (to delete all search history in bing by you) .
Do you know that when you are signed in to your Google account,  all your browsing activity is stored in the form of web history? Google Search History stores history of all the websites you visit, and then presents relevant Google search results depending on your browsing habits.
If you are sure you would never want Google to track your browsing, then you can delete the Web History account by going to this page.
You could clear out Google History completely by clicking ‘Clear entire Web History’ at the top. Say you don’t want to delete the Web History feature of Google, as described in Step 1, but at the same time don’t want Google to remember your browsing activity. You know that whichever sites you visit, or whatever you search on the net is stored in your browser history, right? We talked about turning on private browsing in Firefox permanently so that no one can see your browsing history. If you are an Internet Explorer user then you can delete history by going to Tools->  Internet options.

Note that IE will delete all your save password so if you don’t want to delete it, click the buttons one by one except “Delete passwords” button.
Now check all the box except “clear saved passwords”(if important passwords are saved in Chrome that is). You deleted your Google search history from IE, Firefox and Chrome browser, but still there are some reasons to worry about.
If you aren’t logged in, then Google cannot record your web history (well, officially at least).
When you click on Remove items link on the left, Google will again ask your login credentials and when you enter it correctly, a remove button will appear. In this way you can delete all the traces of Google search history from your computer and Google server. Now, I am going to discuss how to permanently delete your you tube watch and search history. On the left side of the page, under the 3rd section (photos, likes, comments), click MORE to open additional selections.
To clear your entire Facebook search history at once, click the Clear Searches link in the top right corner.
Get rid of malware with the best Antivirus and Anti-Malware downloads, block referrer spam, and more. Strangely many are not aware of this Google History feature, or even if they are, they do not know how to clear this search history from their account. Sometimes this feature is not desirable, because you don’t get to see the actual search results that Google would give. Check out our generic article on how to delete Gmail, Orkut, and other Google accounts permanently.
In fact, your Google searches are stored online too (if the web history in Google is enabled). The advantage is that it is searchable and you could lookup the site you visited, or the search term you used, if you are having a hard time recalling things. This tutorial explains how to go about deleting your Google search history through your browser and Google account manually.
Click on “Delete History” button if you want to delete record of all the websites you visited. Go to Tools-> Clear Recent History or simply press Ctrl+Shift+Del button of your keyboard.

Remember that if you are logged into Google sites like Gmail or Orkut then you are automatically logged into your Google account and Google could record your web history easily. You can click on “Pause” link on the left pane to stop Google to record your browsing data and on Remove Items to delete all your saved web history. When you are watching or searching videos on you tube, the history gets automatically saved when you are login with your Google  account.
If you want to clear all the browsing history of you tube then click on “clear all watch history” button. If you want to clear all the search history of you tube then click on “clear all search history” button.
Also, it is very embarrassing if someone else find out all your browsing when you accidentally leave your PC without logging out of Google. Or you could clear your browsing history from time to time or automatically when you exit the browser. Click on Delete password button, if you want to delete cookies, temporary internet files, form data and passwords. We recommend you to check Browsing and Download History, Form and search history, Cookies, Cache options. You can clear it by typing any letter in the search box and then clicking on “Clear History” link. If you are too concerned about your privacy then you could go all the way and clear Google web history. But if you want to delete selected videos history then select them and then click on “remove” button.
But if you want to delete selected search videos history then select them and then click on “remove” button. If you are signed into your Google account then click on Settings-> Google Account Settings. Here you will see your Facebook search history.You can either delete an individual Facebook search by clicking the block icon and then Remove.

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