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To erase search bar history, you need to take a few steps to delete your Autocomplete, forms and passwords. You can also manage what information Firefox indexes by choosing the settings option in the privacy tab. Clear History is free and powerfull windows desktop application to clean search history from your computer. Just like news feed and timeline, Facebook introduced another new technology just in March 2013 and they named it as Facebook Graph search. Just like Google auto search, Facebook tracks all your activity logs and suggest the results based on your previous searches. Facebook keeps every word that you type in search bar and this search history is private and can be seen only by you. View your profile timeline in Facebook and at the top right corner you will see Activity log that is just next to Update info. Now explore more option from the right hand side and you can see all your activity logs in category base. Facebook opens a pop box when you select to clear history and that is to confirm clear cache. You have erased all your search history and from now on the history page gets filled up again. How to hide Facebook posts from certain people (Public, family, Boss) Most of the Facebook users including me don’t’ like to share their personal information to the whole world. Top 10 most popular social networking sites – 2013 As you all know Social networking website is an online community a place or service that helps to build social relation and social networks among people. How to hide Facebook friends list from public and other friends Facebook is widespread, everyday people from all over the world get connected, share content, chat each other’s, browse photos and seek information about peoples and places.
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Reproducing content and other materials without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. HistoryManagaer - Selectively delete Internet Explorer history, clear history, cookies, cache files, Address Bar history, search history. That is why you may want to remove, delete or completely clear the IE History (History links to visited pages), Cookies (Cookies can store your data left on the Internet), Temporary Internet Files, Autocomplete forms information (logins, saved passwords, credit card numbers, search history, etc.), history of links from Internet Explorer Address Bar (Typed URLs).
You could simply clear your IE History using Internet Explorer - Tools Menu -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Clear History, however that will clear ALL your history (history links to visited sites, including the Address Bar URLs, Cookies, Cache files).

You can not only view and clear your history, but also you can export IE History, Cookies, Cache items to the HTML file or to Excel document for later use. AutoComplete form information tool helps you to view, export, copy to clipboard, selectively delete specified logins, saved passwords (cached passwords), search history (Google, Yahoo, MSN search history) or completely clear AutoComplete forms information. Batch Cleanup will help you quickly clear all or today only History items, Cookies, IE Cache files, AutoComplete forms information. HistoryManagaer supports command line parameters and you can write your own batch scripts to delete History, Cookies, Cache items.
Address Bar history Clear address bar history or selectively delete individual address bar urls (Typed URLs). Batch Cleanup Completely clear History, delete all Cookies, remove all Temporary Internet with one click.
On the History Tab, you can search, view, selectively delete internet History URLs (selectively), completely clear history links to visited pages and websites. Using Internet Temporary Files you can find, view Internet Explorer Cache files, selectively delete individual Temporary Internet files (Internet Explorer cache files) or completely delete Temporary Internet files.
Address Bar Tab allows you to view Address Bar History, delete individual typed URLs, or completely clear Internet Explorer Address Bar history of typed URLs.
This tab deals with the Auto-Complete feature and the passwords saved in the protected storage. Clear completely History, Cookies, Internet Temporary files, Address Bar history, clear Autocomplete Information just in one click. How do you really feel when Facebook suggests awful, creepy and offensive results in search bar? Facebook provides high security, but anyhow don’t risk yourself by leaving your mobile or PC without logging out from Facebook account. You can find all your posts, photos, likes, comments, photos of you, photos you are tagged in, groups, events and search history.
In case if you are worried about any likes or comments that you made then you can easily find out and remove it from activity logs.
Now click on search at the beneath and you will see all your search history from the beginning. This weblog is dedicated for designers, developers, bloggers, internet marketers, web and computer enthusiasts.
So you probably do not want to do that, because that will remove ALL history information, and this action can be a signal to another user that you have done something you wanted to hide.

Using HistoryManagaer you can delete selectively only individual History links, Cookies, clear individual Temporary Internet Files, selectively delete IE Address Bar history items, delete only specific AutoComplete forms information and saved passwords. Here you can select user account, specify a particular date and period of time, start and end date, keywords, or wildcards to search for History links to your visited pages, Cookie from visited resources, or Temporary Internet files. You can delete individual Cookies (just specify Cookies you want to delete), or completely eliminate all Cookies. Here you will find the data you have entered in registration forms, search engines (search words and phrases or search history), forums, etc. This is a bit terrifying one, especially when you use Facebook in front of your co-worker or someone who is special. Clearing all your search history is a good action if you’re really concerned on someone who digs your search history. Now again at the top right corner you will see a box that says “include only me activity” which is unchecked by default. So the main thing troubled you is the search bar history and we will now see on deleting your Facebook history. Again at the top right corner that is in search page you will see an option to clear search history. You may do so with a third party software or by disabling the feature all together in your browser. By checking this you are lining up your entire private activities and searches that are hidden from your timeline. AutoComplete feature keeps information that you have recently typed, such as search words (search history), registration information, etc. Not just that, it shows all your activity logs and anything everything that you searched in Facebook.
Follow through the tutorial video to get rid of all of the annoying search terms that show up when you are trying to use Google search.

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