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Romantic couple with clasped hands backlit by a bright evening sun in a closeup conceptual image of love, commitment and friendship. Global communication concept - closeup of male hand dialing a telephone number in order to make a phone call on a classical black landline telephone on a rustic wooden desk with white background.
Closeup of new homeowner signing a contract of house sale or mortgage papers with a wooden toy house on the document. Male and female business partners nurturing a new plant united to protect a green fragile sprout grown in fertile soil, concept of ecology and business start up.
Closeup of male operator about to answer a phone call as he picks up a handset of a classical black landline telephone.

Closeup of real estate agent showing his client where to sign a contract of house sale or mortgage papers. Closeup of businessman holding a telephone receiver about to make a phone call on landline telephone. Close-up of a male hand with white sleeve shirt picking up the receiver of a black landline office telephone, with copy space on grey background. Closeup of businessman hand holding a landline telephone receiver dialing a phone number in order to make a call. Man dialing out on a telephone holding the receiver in his hand and pressing the number on the keypad with his finger, close up view conceptual of communication. Close up of the fingers of a business adviser dialing out on a land line telephone pressing the number keys on the keypad in a communications concept. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.

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