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Find My Phone is the solution if you want to make sure you know where your phone is at any time. How do we locate phones?You may have heard of “triangulation” on TV shows such as CSI or Law & Order. So you’ve lost your Android phone or had it stolen and you’re kind of in panic mode, eh? This article goes in depth with step-by-step tutorials on the top ways to recover your lost Android device, but we’ve collected your best options in bullets to get your search underway as quick as possible.
The best offense is a good defense: your phone may already be equipped with the proper tools for locating your device and securing it from a remote location using tools like Android Device Manager and Lookout. Using apps like AirDroid to remotely access files and information that you need to recover, as well as using advanced features like remote camera access and SMS text messaging.
Some folks might find it frustrating to constantly unlock a device each time they need to use it. Your primary option for making sure you’ll be able to locate your phone is to make sure your device is properly registered and accessible via the Android Device Manager.
This will also be a good time to head into your device’s location settings and make sure your GPS services are fully enabled and functional. You can also use this interface to start a loud ring that will help you locate the phone if you suspect it’s in a nearby area. Remotely wiping your device should be a last-ditch move in the event that you know your phone is not recoverable, because once you perform this action your device will no longer be tied to your Google account (thus rendering the Android Device Manager useless).
If, for whatever reason, you can’t use the Android Device Manager, then consider Lookout. Unfortunately you do have to pay for a premium subscription if you want the ability to remotely lock and wipe the device. We’d also shy away from using the persistent Lookout icon in your notification bar, as this could tip any burglars off to your ability to locate the phone. Have important photos and documents you want to make sure you get before you wipe the phone? You can access the phone’s call logs and send text messages, which is handy for alerting people who are trying to contact you that your phone has been compromised and that you will try to reach them another way.
A free account also limits you to transfers of just 100MB per month and limits the file sizes you can transfer.
Pebble: nothing built-in, but an app like Phone Pebble Finder will help you track down your phone using GPS coordinates and remote ring commands. I warned you that these solutions aren’t the most effective, flexible or practical, but they get the job done on the front lines.
The advantage of these tools is that they can work independently of the device as long as the battery is alive and kicking. But that doesn’t mean your sweet grandma or that random friend you knew from high school on Facebook will be just as wise. There are many sites on the Internet that can allow you to find out who a phone number belongs to. Once you get the Google Phonebook website in this manner, you can now use it for searching for most of the U.S.
You can enter the phone number in the format “(123) 456 7890” or in the format “123-456-7890” or in the format “123 456 7890” (this is dummy number). Of course, you can also use the Google Phonebook to search with name of a person to get his phone number. Here are some other websites that can help you to get the name and address of a person if you search for the phone number. Reverse Phone Lookup services are highly useful, especially if you want to investigate and track down the name and address related to consistent prank callers, or even finding out the owner of a missed personal or business call.

Using Find Cell Phone Numbers you can do a reverse cell phone number research and gain information about any US or Canada cell phone number.
It won't take more than a couple of minutes, but your opinion is very important to future users of the program and to the author of the program.
However, the app needs to be installed on both your phone and the phone of the person you want to locate.
This fee is because we have to pay the cell phone companies per location we look up for you.
Using smarter GPS technology, Find My Phone provides highly accurate locations for lost or stolen devices, and will work on any Android device. As important as smartphones have become in our everyday lives, misplacing them is one of the most scary things that can happen, but we’re here to help.
Someone who gets their hands on your phone may have access to sensitive information such as racy pictures you don’t intend for anyone else to see, phone numbers and addresses, and even financial info.
At the very least you’ll want ways to potentially recover important files, and either lock access to the phone or completely wipe it so you know all your stuff is safe. This won’t do anything to help you find your phone in the event that it gets lost, but if you lose your phone then you can at least breath easily knowing your information and privacy are protected. For that reason, some devices allow you to set a time limit before the device’s password is put into effect.
A lot of phones have options for setting up lock-screen info, like your name and an alternative number you can be reached in case the phone is lost. This is a good replacement for emergency lock-screen info if your phone lacks built-in tools, but it also has features for calling relevant emergency response groups and getting in touch with emergency contacts you specify. This is a handy little tool that Google released back in 2013, and they have used the advent of Google Play Services to make sure nearly every modern Android device is equipped with it.
The exact location and name of the menus might differ from phone to phone, so poke around or consult your user manual for your specific device if you can’t find it. Always located at this link (bookmark it, and don’t forget it), the Android Device Manager dashboard is a very simple user interface that is used to locate all your devices from a remote location. You also get options for remotely locking and remotely wiping the device in case you are handling sensitive documents and files on your mobile device.
Finally, be sure to download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store if you ever need to use the service from another Android device. It’s a fine alternative, and it offers a much more compelling suite of general security features. It also has a great feature that will send an email of a photo and location if someone tries and fails to use your lock code five times, something the Android Device Manager can’t boast. Besides all that, though, the same tips and tricks from the previous section apply — make sure your GPS is on and ready for that one unfortunate moment when you do happen to lose your phone. Use the screenshot functionality to see if you can catch the perpetrator writing something that may help you identify who they are or where the phone is.
You’re much less likely to lose your phone if your wrist starts beeping every time you walk away from it, so if you have one then be sure to explore your options for activating these features. The downside is that anyone who finds your device is likely going to remove them (unless they’re one of very few good Samaritans still left in this world). In the event that you need to help someone who has absolutely no other recourse, I present one last ditch hope of recovering one of the most lost items there are. The gracious developer asks for absolutely nothing to use it, but if you feel so inclined then be sure to send a few bucks through Paypal over at their website. That means, you know a particular phone number and want to find out details of the person who owns that phone number. Another advantage of Google Phonebook is that you’ll also get a link to Google Map for the exact location of the address of the person who owns the searched phone number.
On doing so, the first search result itself may display the Google Phonebook entry for that phone number with the name and address of the person who owns that phone number.

The personal identifying information available on this website is derived from Public Records, Publicly Available Information and Commercial Records. This website gets the information from the (i) Publicly Available Information Sources, (ii) Third-Party Data Suppliers, and (iii) Member-Published Listings.
Information you can discover includes full name and current address of the cell phone number owner.
If you leave your email right now we will send you tomorrow an invitation to evaluate the program. Cell phone companies have the location of a cell phone, as they know its distance from a cell phone tower. As long as the location app is running, you will be able to see the location of your lost or stolen phone, and will be able to launch navigation from within the app. Fortunately, you should no longer feel helpless: long gone are the days where you are totally out of options when your phone disappears. In fact, this is a good app to have just for day-to-day peace of mind in case anything happens to you (such as collapsing from a heart attack). Many devices come with the feature enabled out of the box, but you will want to double check and make sure that yours is squared away before you set foot into the dangerous world. A Google Maps-based user interface will show the last known location of your device, which will be updated up to the minute if the phone is still powered on and connected to the internet. But speaking only about its phone location tools, Lookout gets the job done just as well as any other. I wouldn’t buy a smart watch for these features alone, but you might find some other value in them as they offer tons more. But if for some reason the aforementioned software-based options aren’t doing it for you, you can get a little creative and shoehorn these things onto your phone.
If all else fails, just repurpose them for what they were originally purposed for — keys. After all, after reading this article you should have gotten yourself squared away with the tools you need to locate your phone without breaking a sweat. You’d be doing the Android community a great service, because these half-grand pocket-sized pieces of silicon are damn hard (and expensive) to replace. This feature can be used for searching even the international phone numbers, by also adding the country code number, etc. So, you may get information about the names of persons owning the phone number searched, as well as their addresses, street names, cities, states and ZIP codes. The Android Device Manager is pretty barebones in comparison, but it has the advantage of being pre-installed on every device, so you always know it’s there to have your back. I have a bit of a special connection to this app because it actually helped me find my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in a pinch. While it may be easier to find out the details of the owner of a landline phone number, it is generally difficult to find details of the owner of a particular cell phone or mobile phone number. Moreover, while some such services on the Internet making this information available are free, some others may be on payment basis. However, to my knowledge, Google does not provide a direct link to its website for Google Phonebook. Still, it is possible to reach Google Phonebook by knowing the URL to a web page for searching a known person’s phone number on Google Phonebook.

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