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But I recently found a third option when I got a text from an acquaintance whose number I'd never saved: searching Facebook.
Before most phones saved their contacts on iCloud or a similar service, you had to start from scratch when you got a new phone. A card displaying my account info also popped up when I searched my name, since I connected my mobile phone to Facebook a few months ago. It, too, comes complete with vestiges of the former Facebook a€” apparently, at some point, I had felt compelledA to let the people of Facebook know that I was a fan of both Hunter S. Now that I know about this Facebook phone number secret, I'll be sure to try it out next time I get a call from an unknown number.
Facebook is not good to keep anything secret, and your personal data is at stake with Facebook. The phonebook has the contact number in the list of friends, and according to Facebook these numbers come from the contacts that you import using the Facebook in your mobile.
Hope that you can Google the number and figure out who it was that way, which almost never works.

Swallow your pride and admit you never saved the person's number, then think of a polite way to ask who they are. It read, "It was so great catching up, let's hang out again soon!" or something along those lines. The easiest way to gather all your friends' numbers was to create a Facebook group and invite them all, and ask them to post their phone numbers in the group.
It beats Google, which basically never helps when searching for the number of anyone other than your cable company in my experience. There were reasons to say that always, and one more reason has now come out as the contacts list in Facebook has the phone numbers openly available for other friends in the list. This would open something like a phone book, where nothing other than the name and phone number would be seen.
A little more look into the system suggests that if you had the phone number in your profile, or else used the number to have double security for your account, that number too is listed. People who are in an emergency, and would want some of their close friends’ contact numbers, this is a good way for that.

He has been blogging since 4 years, and has been always fascinated with the gadgets, the beauty of Android OS and the Apple gadget designs. Not knowing the number and unable to remember who I'd recently caught up withA (oops), I sent a screenshot to some friends to see ifA they knew the number.
But, the same numbers exposed in this way can lead to unnecessary calls and breach in privacy.
Whoever created the group abandonedA it a long time ago, leaving a trail of high school acquaintances' now-publicly-accessible phone numbers in their wake.

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