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Since we are almost always on the go , its not surprising that all of us, at some point or another, lose our handsets.
Every phone comes with a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number which can come in useful to track it in case of loss or theft. Another way that you can locate your lost phone is by adding its identity number to a free global database. The best way for iPhone users to locate their missing handset is by activating Find My iPhone on it. If you dont have a handset that can download fancy apps but are still worried about losing your handset, Google Latitude is for you.
If you are worried about privacy but still want to be able to track your device in case it gets stolen, you can opt for Prey.
For Android users, this app is a blessing, for it can be installed on your phone even after it has been stolen. Avast is designed for those who are concerned about both, a virus inflicting their phone and about their phone disappearing altogether. Once installed, tap the main Settings icon, followed the iCloud option near the center of the Settings menu. Obviously, this doesn’t come highly recommended, but finding your iOS device once lost is likely the reason you chose to use the app in the first place. Once lost, you can either use another iOS device or your iCloud account via the Web to locate your lost or stolen device. Additional options for remotely wiping the phone and forcing it to play a sound — accessible via the Actions option located at the bottom of the display — are also available, along with a intuitive Lost Mode that provides options for locking the device with a four-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number of your own choosing directly on the lock screen. Open your favorite browser and navigate to the iCloud homepage before signing in with your Apple ID and password. Additional options for remotely wiping the phone and forcing it to play a sound should appear in the upper-right corner, along with a intuitive Lost Mode button that provides options for locking the device with a four-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number of your own choosing directly on the lock screen. Some of these apps have features that can help you track down your missing phone by triggering it to ring off the hook, send its GPS location to your email or when worse comes to worst, allow you to wipe your data from the missing smartphone remotely. Alternatively, you can remotely control your phone by connecting it to the Commander option, a web-based interface. In some smartphones, Plan B can enable the GPS on the phone then update you with its location every 10 minutes.
Although it’s a free app, the app lets you take pictures from the smartphone camera (front and rear) and make your phone speak using text-to-speech. The Pro account (monthly subscription) lets you track the movements of the stolen smartphone with a history map so you know where your device is heading.
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Once you turn it on, you will receive a message notifying that this will turn on GPS on your device.
Lookout is an all-around anti-theft app for Android devices, which locks your phone and displays a custom message once your phone gets lost. Just like Lookout, Cerberus takes the photo of the suspect when someone makes an attempt to unlock your phone.
The stolen phone gets it's sim card removed and then a soft reset is made prior to turning it on. Recently Google announced the new Android device manager feature to all its android user to track and find lost Android device and same feature is also available for the iOS device to tracks lost phone. The web service is free to use and all you hvae to register the web service with your Windows phone email account and you can easily tract your lost device on the maps. On the same page you will see some more options like Lock your device, Erase the data remotely and ring.
Last option is Erase Data, With the helps of this feature you can easily erase all the data from your device remotely. With this way you can easily track and find your lost windows phone or even lock and erase the data remotely. Sidharth Rathore is Tech Blogger and Gamer, who love's to write about Mobile Tips, How to Guides, Google, Microsoft, Android and Games. A small group of people who communicate every day to choose the top most awesome things in life. This number can be accessed by dialing *#06# and it is advisable to make a note of it as soon as you purchase your handset.

By adding friends and family to the app, everyones phone movements can be tracked at all times.
Log on to your account on Android Market Place and install the app on your missing handset.
Not only can it track your handset via its GPS based continuous tracking system that is linked to Google Maps, it can click three snapshots of the thief and immediately email them to you! Afterward, tap the blue Get button in the top-right corner followed by the resulting green Install button to download and install the app. The feature also enables Activation Lock as of iOS 7 and later, which securely stores your Apple ID in Apple’s activation servers and automatically links to your device. Once logged in, select the lost or stolen device from the list of devices setup with Find my iPhone to view the device’s location. Afterword, click the large Find My iPhone icon, click All Devices at the top of the window, and select the lost or stolen device from a the resulting list of activated devices.
Tap the gray Play Sound button featuring the speaker to force the your phone to play a high-pitched ping continuously for two minutes or tap the gray Erase iPhone button followed by the Erase iPhone confirmation to completely wipe your device of all content and user settings. Rather than confront the potential thief yourself, it may be wise to contact your service provider and the police, informing them of the situation and your intentions to recover the device. We’ve got 5 great anti-theft apps that can help you get your smartphone back or at least keep your sensitive data safe from identity theft. The rest of them are preventive measures, meaning you should already have them before something bad happens to your device.
When your smartphone goes missing, sending a code via text will make the phone ring (even when set in silent mode) while another text code sends you the GPS coordinates of the phone.
Where’s My Droid also offers a Pro version which lets you take pictures with the camera (you might be able to take a snapshot of the perpetrator), remote lock the phone rendering it impenetrable or remote wipe the app to save your data from misuse.
Plan B is an Android app from Lookout Labs which locates your smartphone using cell towers and GPS, then sends the location of your smartphone to your Gmail Inbox. You can activate (via SMS or the Web) the alarm to ring with a flashing screen, enable and disable the GPS, data and Wi-Fi connection, remote wipe the SD card, and get their latest call list.
You can also retrieve the most recent call logs – and it works even without a SIM card plugged in. You can also get protection for multiple devices, and receive notification for when it leaves a pre-selected fenced-in area (good for keeping watch on your little ones).
Here’s some news coverage on how the app actually helped a user get his stolen phone (and the car it was in) back.
Here are a few more anti-theft apps, some with the added protection against viruses that you might pick up while surfing the Web. In the event that your phone has run out of battery, it will notify you of its last known location. Unwanted or unknown calls and text messages can also be blocked, and it lets you hide certain information from friends and family who borrow your phone for use. Lost devices can be located on a map, and the Pro version gives you a scream alarm to help you find your missing device. If your phone or tablet is stolen or missing, you can also set a lock screen message to help the locator find you and make your device ring even when it’s on silent mode.
They save us the hassle of carrying around cards and other vital data as it has become an all-in-one device that contains and protects all our important information.
But have you ever considered the thought that you might become a victim or misplace your precious device one day? It helps you locate your lost phone, and remotely lock and swipe your iOS device, if needed. Along with showing the current location of the lost iPhone, this app also keeps a track of the locations where your device was used. Now, whenever you lose your cellphone, it will make a loud sound even if on silent and will track down the location along with taking a picture of the culprit.
You can even ping the phone from its web dashboard and get location data and location history.
Lots of other free applications and services are available on the internet which allow you to track your mobile phone, recover your Lost or Stolen Digital Camera and also helps you to recover stolen laptops.
In this tutorial, I’ll show how you can use this service and enjoy the benefits of Find My Phone web service to find your phone or erase it data remotely. But unlike the old days where a stolen phone was lost for good, now you can track your device and retrieve it from the thief.

In case the phone gets stolen, file an FIR with the police and give them its identity number. If you cant find your handset, log on to Google Latitude from a computer and it will immediately give you the where abouts of your device.
To activate this anti theft service, you need to sign up with Prey and synch your devices with it. Once the app locates your phone, it will send you an email on your registered gmail account with the location information. This app works well because its anti theft component is invisible to thieves and it lets you use remote options (via web or text messages) to locate your handset.
Whats more, you can sound an alarm or make your phone scream even if its on silent mode and see your phones last known location.
One drink turns to two, then three, and somewhere — probably in between the four shots of horrendous well whiskey and your oh-so-fantastic karaoke rendition of Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me — you go from a seemingly casual night out to completely painting the town red. The software even works on other devices including your iPad, iPod Touch, and even your Mac.
A valid iCloud account is also required and devices that lack network coverage must be connected to a registered Wi-Fi network to be located. Said feature then requires your password be entered before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, or reactivate it. This app can be used even after you have lost your smartphone due to its remote install feature and is hidden from the launcher to prevent uninstallation. The free version lasts for a week, while the Pro version lets you use it for up to 5 devices under the same account.
For that sum, you get the regular anti-theft protection, antivirus protection, plus data backup and restore functions. A nifty trick it has is that the phone is automatically locked once the SIM card is removed. Luckily for us, several smart apps have released and by installing them, you can easily locate and retrieve your device if misplaced or lost. Besides informing you about the location of the thief, the app clicks a picture of the thief, making it easy to recognise. Just like the anti-theft apps for iPhone, this Lookout too clicks a picture of the culprit.
If you are the Windows phone user then you have to try the Microsoft free web service Find my Phone, which allows you to locate your phone, remotely lock it, erase its data, or make it ring. From here click Find My Phone and follow the onscreen instruction and you will the last location of your device on the maps.
Just hit the Ring Option form the page and you device will ring even if the volume is off or it’s on vibrate mode. I you are facing some problem to use the Windows Find my Phone service then do check the Microsoft support guide here.
Pass on a copy of the FIR and IMEI number to your service provider who will then be able to track your handset. In case of theft, as soon as you locate your handset, lock it from your account so that the thief cant steal your information and disable the tracker. This functional app goes a step further and even allows you to remotely lock your device and wipe out sensitive data from it. Your iPhone, the essential piece of tech that’s basically become an extension of you, disappears somewhere without a trace. It won’t prevent you from losing your phone, but it may help you find it so long as you active the feature prior to losing your device. It requires no action on your part and serves as yet another security measure designed to prevent theft and unauthorized use of your phone. With its IMEI number, a device can be traced even if it is being used with another Sim or even if it is switched off. Once the handset is located, request your service provider to block it from being used till you are able to get your hands on it again. Since Prey does not start tracking your phone unless to ask it to, its perfect for those users who are concerned about privacy.

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