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A variety of people conducting experiments at about the same time found that the alphas were deflected in one direction by a magnetic field, in the same way as positive charges; but the beta rays were deflected in the opposite direction, in the same way as electrons. Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist was particularly interested in that reaction because it implied to him the possibility of going beyond the 92 elements found in nature. Which of course is what made the chain reaction possible: this one reaction has changed human civilization profoundly.
Gamma radiation is an electromagnetic wave that easily passes through the body, like light passing through a window. Beta radiation is made of high energy electrons, which can penetrate skin but cannot penetrate through the whole body like gamma radiation. Alpha particles are helium nuclei, which can be stopped by human skin, but they may damage it in the process. Ionizing radiations emitted from within the body by radioactive chemicals taken in by inhalation, ingestion or absorption, are even more damaging because they are so close to delicate cell structures. Here is a summary of the effects of different doses of radiation on the human body after acute, whole-body exposure: rad - radiation absorbed dose - is the amount of ionizing radiation that bombards a body.

More than 1000 rad: Central nervous system damage stops control of body functions, including breathing and blood circulation.
For additional High School Chemistry prep, visit Free Online GED and try out their course for free. Yet this radiation seemed to be constant over time, varying only in proportion to the amount of uranium present. As before, mass number and charge are shown to be conserved, even though the atoms are not.
Beta particles outside the body can cause serious burns and other skin anomalies, including skin cancer. Both alpha and beta particles can penetrate cell membranes more easily than they penetrate skin. The body is not able to distinguish between radioactive and non-radioactive chemicals and will as readily incorporate the one as the other into tissue, bone, muscle or organs, identifying them as ordinary nutrients.
Up to one-half of those exposed will die within 30 days without intensive medical attention.

Thus ingesting, inhaling or absorbing radioactive material capable of emitting alpha or beta particles (thereby placing them inside delicate body parts such as the lungs, heart, brain or kidneys) always poses serious threats to human health. The radioactive chemicals remain in the body until biologically eliminated in urine or feces, or until they decay into other chemical forms, which may or may not be radioactive. Blood forming organs have been damaged or destroyed: without white blood cells, infection is likely. For example, plutonium is an alpha emitter, and no quantity inhaled has been found to be too small to induce lung cancer in animals.
Radiochemical analysis of urine or feces is the preferred test for most types of internal contamination with alpha or beta particles. At the upper end of the dose range, a bone marrow transplant may be required to produce new blood cells.

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