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Here’s another neat little feature that iOS 7 has added for those of us who use an iPad with cellular data capability.
This was possible before with a few 3rd party apps, but it’s handy to have this information available right within the Settings app.
You can find it in Settings > Cellular Data, in the new ‘Use Cellular Data For’ section. On some occasions, you may find yourself wanting to use your computer to connect to the Internet from places that do not have Wi-Fi access such as a train, airport or a coffee shop. If you have an iPad 3rd generation or later with a Cellular Data plan, you can use a feature called Personal Hotspot to connect your computer or other devices to the Internet through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. In this post, I’ll show you an example of how to use Personal Hotspot on an iPad Air.
Each iPad has a name that is used for identification purposes when connecting to it through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

After the Wi-Fi is connected, you can start using the Internet from your computer to surf, download emails, etc. Another way to connect to your Hotspot is to pair your computer with your iPad using Bluetooth. Once the devices are connected through Bluetooth, you can start using the Internet on your computer.
Note: In both cases (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) after the connection is established, you will notice a thin blue line on top of your iPad screen showing how many devices are connected to your Personal Hotspot. By the way, you can also connect your iPad or computer to an iPhone with a Cellular Data plan. If you travel or find yourself in a situation where you need to stop data usage on your iPhone or iPad, wether you are trying to save money by preventing your bills from sky rocketing, preventing your children from using the internet and downloading apps or you simply want to stop emails from coming through then you will need this tip. On that menus, you can either turn Data Roaming off just to avoid roaming charges or you can turn Cellular Data off completely; now the beauty of this is you can still use WiFi connectivity and if your location allows you to connect to a wifi network for free or paid, then you simply use the WiFi connectivity and avoid extra data charges.

If you are not on an unlimited 3G plan on your iPad, its always better to keep an eye on the data usage. You can also use the button next to each app’s name to turn on or off its ability to make use of cellular data. Under the general settings, you can see Usage Option available, Click on the usage and this will show the Cellular network data, both sent and received data.You can also reset the stats every month if you are on a monthly plan. For more information, visit My Apple ID and click "Find out."Additional InformationLearn how to report a lost or stolen Apple product.

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