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There's nothing worse than losing your phone—except losing your phone when the ringer is silent.
Play Really Loud MusicThis sounds a little counterintuitive until you learn how it works.All you need is a set of speakers.
Smartphone AppsIf you have a smartphone, there are a number of apps you can use to find it. With the advent of the smartphones using iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen operating systems and the preference of the masses adopting their usage with advanced features, it has become a necessity to conserve the battery charge for a long time. All cellphones that are manufactured always come with a factory set security code, this is for security purpose to protect the information and data stored in the phone by the user.
Formatting a cell phone means erasing or deleting all the stored data and information like contacts, images, multimedia files, etc from the phone memory, this DOES NOT include the data you may have stored in the MMC (memory card) or memory chip you have inserted in you phone, in other words data stored in your memory card is not deleted and will remain safe. A security code is provided by the handset manufacturer for the security of your mobile phone. If you have a smart phone than Lookout is the first app which you should install to locate your cell phone when you lost it.
After downloading Lookout to your smart phone you have to sign up by only providing your Email and Password thats it !
If you have installed Lookout on your phone than there is no need to panic even if you lost it. You will see there all your Lookout signed in devices and on left side it will show you all the possible options to protect and locate lost cell phone. If you want to see the exact location of your phone than click on Find My Device on left side. It will find the current location of your device and show it on the map with street address. Lookout also provides many other options such as to display the custom message screen on your lost device to get it back faster. Lookout also provides facility to play sound on your lost device if you have misplaced it somewhere nearby at your home. Now what if you lost your phone and you haven’t installed lookout app on your lost phone. Brijesh Gohil is the founder of Tech Brij, A popular Tech Blog which is focused on Tech tips & Buying Guides. Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your Email address and receive regularly updated Phone, Tablet and Laptop Buying Guides directly in your inbox!
Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your email address and receive latest posts as soon as it goes live. Do Not CopyThis site is DMCA protected and copying content from this website is against International Copyright Laws. I Can't Find My PhoneA simple solution for a simple problem if you've likely misplaced your phone in your home or somewhere like the office.

Berry LocatorCrackberry users can cut short any chances of handheld withdrawal using a myriad of options, including locating via an email message, putting the Blackberry into alarm mode to track it down audibly, vibration+flashing screen mode for those night time cell phone hunts, and GPS map tracking when you've really misplaced your cell.
Mobile DefenseMobile Defense displays real-time location information of a lost or stolen phone on an interactive map.
If you're alone, it can be excruciatingly hard to find your lost device even if the ringer is on, considering most of us don't have landlines anymore.
McAfee's WaveSecure app lets you to track your device online via GPS or text message, and allows you to remote lock or wipe your phone, even if the SIM card is changed. The use of online features and apps in all smartphones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Xperias or any other handset today requires frequent and regular charging of battery. Without a battery an electronic gadget does not work and we all get frustrated when it gets drained! If the smartphone dies, it’s about as easy to find as your wallet or anything else you might misplace. Be careful to avoid giving away any personal information, such as your home address, until you know you’re dealing with someone you can trust. Using this app you can easily see the accurate location of your phone whether you lost it in the bar , cab or may be in gutter some where.
All you have to do is install this app on your smart phone and sign in to your lookout account. No need to worry, As there are many websites through which you can trace your mobile phone.
The system relies upon creating a unique ID wallpaper, which allows anyone who finds your mobile to contact you anonymously.
Activate an audible alert to further assist in locating the device even if the ringtone is set to silent or vibrate. So, the next time you find yourself hunting for your phone, don't tear your house apart until you've tried some of these quick tips. If you have an account, enter any phone number and Google Voice will call your phone first before calling the number you entered. That annoying white noise you sometimes hear when you make a phone call works to your benefit here. Many of the handsets fail to last the charge even for a single day if not used and optimized properly. Whenever you intend to make any changes in the security settings you are asked to input this very code as specified by the brand unless you have changed this code to as per your convenience.
But due to human tendency of forgetfulness or carelessness, it may be possible that we may forget it at some place, lose it or just misplace it somewhere. We all can charge the battery but what we do not know is how to make the battery last long so that our valuable possession works troublefree thus saving us time as well as money.
You can use it for safety or privacy purposes i.e is to avoid a stranger to access your data inside.

For Android devices this is your Google account, for iPhones this is your iCloud account, and for Windows Phones this is your Microsoft account. Stick with sending phone numbers or email addresses to communicate how the good Samaritan can return your phone.
After that you can back up your personal data such as contacts , notes or pictures to recover from future loss. It happens to even to those of us with the best memory, but fortunately there are quite a few easy solutions to help track down your digital best friend.
It just went from closed beta to a wait list sign-up, so get your name on that list if you want to give it a go once they relaunch. A digital device "landing strip" and charging station makes sense for both recharging your device daily and also making sure you set it down in the same place every time. As Lifehacker pointed out, it will still call the other number if you don't find your phone and answer before voicemail takes over, so be sure to choose wisely.
If you can get close to where the phone is hiding, the speakers can pick up the interference.
Here we list you some easy to follow tips and dos and dont’s to save as well as extend your battery charge thus saving you a lot of time and money for the same.
Security codes are used for different functions say for instance to unlock your keypad or while rebooting ie switching on you phone or to restore the phone to its original factory settings etc. So we are listing some tips to you to relocate your cell phone in case you may have forgotten where you must have kept it last.
This article will not make your battery’s charge last longer, it will just teach you how to increase the life of your cell phone battery i.e increase its shelf life.
If you activate it in the security settings, the phone will ask for it to access the menu or other functions. All three allow you to remotely lock and wipe your phone, ring the phone, and set up special messages to alert whoever finds it. It is sometimes also needed when you want to perform a soft-reset or reset your phone to its original factory settings. If you want to know how to retain the charge for a longer time, then please read How to make your cell phone battery charge last longer. If you think that your cell phone is nearby or you misplaced it somewhere at your home than you can play sound on your phone to trace it. This app can help you in many ways and it is very much essential for your cell phone’s security.

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