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If you have mobile phone insurance, need to send your phone off for repair or for some other reason, you might be asked to find out your phone’s IMEI number. If your phone has a removable battery, you’ll often find the IMEI number listed on the white label under the battery.
For more helpful guides, how tos and Tips & Tricks, visit Tech Made Simple, our home of all our guides and helpful ways to get the most of your smartphone. Founder of UK Mobile Review - I'm in my twenties and based in London with a passion for mobile tech, travelling and the Middle East. Following the departure of our Editor In Chief, Nirave Gondhia, the decision has sadly been made to close TechView. Every mobile phone has an International Mobile Station Equipment Identity which is most commonly known as IMEI number. If your stolen phone was based on Google’s mobile operating system (Android), then you can easily find its IMEI number by going onto the Google dashboard. Move to Google Dashboard & sign in with same Google account that you had already entered in your lost phone. Hit the Android section and you will be presented with all the Android devices that you have previously connected with your Google account.

Victor is a Android UI Designer and graduated in Mass Communication, so he always try to find some best communication products for different users. There are many methods to find your iPhone IMEI number, and this post will give you everything you need to know.
The IMEI Number (or The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is an unique 15-digit number that identifies mobile phones. The IMEI number is used by GSM networks ( like AT&T, T-Mobile, O2 and others ) to identify valid devices and it can be used to disallow stolen or lost phones from accessing that network. You can then go to either the Pay As You Go or Pick Your Plan login page (depending on your plan) and sign in using the cell phone number of your new gophone and your temporary PIN. UKMobileReview, it’s partners, suppliers or shareholders are not liable for any damage or losses incurred by following this advice and you agree to these terms by reading further. The IMEI number is a 15 digit number that is unique to your device – each phone or tablet made has a unique IMEI number, across the entire world and this can be used to identify your device if lost or stolen.
This fantastic helpful tool helps in finding the region and current location of the smartphone. Well, all the cell phones have unique IMEI numbers that facilitate to find stolen phone with great ease.

You can do this simply by contacting to your service provider and request to block your stolen phone. That phone will be useless on that network (And on the Networks of that Country) without taking into account if the phone’s SIM is changed.
You will get your iPhone’s IMEI number on your screen and you can either create a screenshot or write it down to a paper. The IMEI Number is a 15-digit number, and if you are trying to find your MEID number just take the first 14 digits. Each time this happens you also receive a (free) text messages on your phone alerting you to the change and confirming the change which can get to be a bit much.

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