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Creative blog by Nate Michals, Cisco CCNA certified purveyor of Canon digital photography, Saxophone, Drums and Percussion instruments, Subaru Impreza WRX STI turbo car racing, Information Technology and Computer Systems Administration. According to Cisco’s website (with an older configuration example), you do not need to restart Call Manager for these settings to take effect.
I have a similar problem, where yesterday, anyone here pressed the Msgs button and got straight to Voice Mail login, but today, it actually makes us wait past the second ring.

Hopefully they will find my page without having to look for it on the Cisco website…. I can't even set it up my settings won't allow me to could you explain this poor should I just contact my phone provider?i»?Ceres Gosney: For some reason I can't click on the voicemail settings tab.A Any idea why?

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