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Can you help me to Decode the VIN number of WAGON R VXI ABS, which i am planning to take delivery next week. As shown in the picture above Maruti- Suzuki Chassis Number has 21 Characters including the special characters. The Chassis number is embossed on the metal body and same can be found in the engine bay compartment.
Most of the new Maruti-Suzuki Chassis number starts with MA3 unlike the one shown in the picture. Numbers is an interactive Sesame Street computer game that was originally developed by the Children's Television Workshop in 1991. Initially released as one of two CD-I games by Philips Interactive Media, under the label "A Visit to Sesame Street," the game was modified for CD-ROM releases.

Elmo guides the user around Sesame Street while number recognition, counting, adding, subtracting, and other math skills are encouraged. As with its companion Letters, this game features posthumous voice-over work by Jim Henson as Ernie and Kermit the Frog. Songs by Charles Blaker, Christopher Cerf, Anna Dibble, Harrison Fisher, Ed Bogas, Candy Cugel, Si Fried, Maxine Fisher, B.
Your nano has loaded a summary screen of disk usage (notice that your iPod's name is displayed in the title bar, at the top).
Your iPod nano now gives you what you came for, and more: your disk space usage, Serial Number, Model number, and iPod software Version number, all listed in that one screen.
I shared the spec sheet that you had pulled out for me with the VW SP; and he was totally speechless. As you can see in the above picture its showing as L6 which means its a NOVEMBER 2006 manufactured Vehicle.

The first of which was released specifically for the 3DO by Electronic Arts (1994), and subsequently by Creative Wonders (1995-1997), The Learning Company (1998), and Encore Software (2001). You can still connect your nano to a computer of the other platform (operating system), but your iPod uses one primary format by default.
He went on to - 'I havent seen anything like this before; you guys can pull so many things off the internet!' and so on. The game was also included in the Sesame Street Learning Series: Toddlers Deluxe CD-ROM set. I left a printout of the report with him because he wanted to show off the specs list to other prospective customers as well!

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