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The company claims iPrivus is the fastest, easiest and most accurate reverse caller lookup application on the market. General Harley Davidson Chat Forum to discuss general Harley Davidson issues, topics, and experiences.
Thought I would share what I learned this weekend riding "the sisters" in the Texas hill country. I rented a Yamaha V-star 650 for my son's first longish type ride - felt it was small enough and forgiving enough for him to get good experience on. We were riding the three sisters in the Texas hill country - left from Dallas Saturday, Sunday had ridden all 3 sisters. My first mistake was allowing him (my son) to talk me into switching bikes on what I thought was going to be a fairly straight road back to Kerrville.
My second mistake was following him too closely just because he's my son and I was still apprehensive.
The rest of the group (made up of a couple of seasoned riders and three inexperienced riders (my riding buddy's sons) and his wife were well ahead of us and for whatever reason, they decided to all stop for a picture, unfortunately at the bottom of a very short blind curve (see bullet #1). When my son came around the corner on my RKC, seeing them all stopped, he jumped on the brakes (see bullets #1 and #2). Only damage was to my jeans and my pride (see bullet #5) but learned a number of valuable lessons that I thought I knew. 1989 XLH (Vivid Black) Sold, 1991 FXSTC (Sapphire Blue) Sold, 1993 (Vivid Black) FXLR, Gone but not forgotten. These unknown numbers appear on our phone screens with the title "Blocked" or "Restricted." Telemarketers, salespersons and prank callers consider it safest to keep their numbers "Restricted" for making such calls.

In some areas, dialing this code, after an unknown or restricted incoming call, automatically identifies the number. With this service, your phone will automatically check the authenticity of each call that comes on your phone. You may be asked to note the date and the exact time of the calls so it can trace the caller. It comes with a license agreement, which readers are strongly encouraged to go through before buying the 50-dollar app. I remember seeing the tread on my RKC's back tire - kind of an everything goes into slow motion type image and thought he was going down so I applied the brakes on the V-star to not hit him, locking up the back tire (riding an unknown bike, too much back brake) and I laid the V-star down (see bullet #4). I've read other members warn against improper braking - remember the video of the guy that had his bike jump on him after he face planted from improper braking (all back brake).
If this code doesn't work, ask your particular service provider for the code that works in the area where you live. If the call comes from a restricted or unknown number, this service will force the caller to unblock the number before he can complete the call. When you get around to checking your phone, you realize you've been called by someone whose number is not known to you.
Incidentally, I'm convinced the ABS on my RKC kept him from locking up and going down as well. I've read members talk about practice practice practice and yet I broke all of these rules - after years and years of riding. The company will then either contact the caller or the caller's company to tell her to stop calling.

It is amazing how easy it is to do - all of these things that lead up to me being on my backside were easily preventable.
Additionally, iPrivus can verify unknown calls on your home or business landline phones, as well as numbers received via text message that carrier Caller ID services do not identify. But is there a way to put a stop to these people or companies that call us with unknown numbers? It’s pretty cheap and will save you a lot of time and trouble if you are getting constant prank calls on your cell phone.
I don’t like when I look at my phone and see private, blocked, anonymous or unknown caller. If you want to display the real phone number it’s easy THIS WEBSITE shows you how to unblock blocked calls. If you are getting , blocked, private or unknown calls, you can put an end to them right now.
Getting harassed over the phone is annoying, costly, time consuming and is pain in the behind.

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