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A calendar to the right side of your search history page will additionally display the search frequency per day in shades of green, and lets you jump to searches for any day.
All in all, Google has managed to integrate search history very smoothly, although they’re not on new territory (Ask Jeeves and others implemented similar approaches before). When you use your Internet browser to search whatever interests you, your web browser keeps a record of websites that you have visited to make it easier for you to find them in the future.
Full household PC Protection - Protect up to 3 PCs with NEW Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium! Member smoalne adds a touch of dark humor and Irish flair in this month's Featured Fold: "…had been coming out green as of late, but that was ok since st. This month's Featured Story is either brilliant or you were just too lazy to think up more words. Somewhere between a Stephen King story about a talking spider and a crash caused by NASA's failure to accommodate the Big Gulp, sensedatum slipped in this gem: "Except Neil Armstrong. There are really only two words that do justice to this story about Humpback the Clown: awesome sauce!
Ever wonder which stories finished in the last month, week, or day have received the most votes? Last month got a little busy, what with the holidays, travel, and presents, and we didn't get around to sending out the monthly newsletter.
How many folds would it take to reach the moon if they were all stacked one on top of the other? This month's Featured Story follows our folk hero Jared Manatee on a journey filled with nightmares, orange jumpsuits, and race cars traveling faster than the speed of light. This month’s Featured Story follows a 63-year-old fatalist, fugitive, pugilist, philatelist, and veteran as he heads back to elementary school.
To give you an idea of the FoldingStory community’s use of pronouns, here is a quick rundown of the top first-person singular pronouns versus others.
Since we launched the voting feature we’ve seen a great deal of back slapping going on. This month’s Featured Story asks whether it’s possible to teach a bear to dance using the carcass of a nun and has a sweet cameo by none other than the Wyld Stallyns!
Animals and pets are a part of life for our FoldingStory writers, as we’ve noticed a high percentage of stories on FoldingStory show off their animal side at least once. FoldingStory has officially recorded over 20,000 folds and 3,000 total stories since we first started folding! This month’s Featured Fold stays true to our animal theme, except were these animals or were they were-animals? How can we not feature a story about an evil shopping cart, pyramids, beer, and feline stew?
Pregnant granny decides to liven things up with a game that's fun for the whole family - Russian Roulette!
With more than 2,000 votes received, MoralEnd has become the first FoldingStory Writing Fellow.
May is a very special month for us at FoldingStory, and not only because it is Zombie Awareness Month. After spending a good deal of time dealing with evil trolls who take an insane amount of strange pleasure from folding obscene or unintelligible lines, we’ve decided to invoke your help with this problem. While we don’t expect you to name your children in honor of our website, we are constantly vying for your affection. The FoldingStory universe saw some pretty dramatic growth last week, due in no small part to several positive reviews that were posted on Thursday.
Here at FoldingStory we don’t pretend to know anything about how to dress, but we think our latest foray into the world of apparel has sent shock waves through the fashion universe. In the next week or so, you’ll have the option to set a theme for your story that everyone folding after you will see. Mark Twain, one of the (if not the) greatest American writer’s of all time, was brilliant beyond his unique storytelling ability.
Check out Henri Junttila’s article for a few more and her ideas about how these quotes can help change your life.
It is a confusing concept, though, and to find that pure and valid strain, it would help to say what it is not. It is the soul’s first habitat, the original self ambushed—cross-sectioned—in its state of nature, before it has been stirred to make a plan, to direct itself toward something. A writer’s voice is often difficult to define, but Victor Lavalle and Amy Minton have a great dialogue on the meaning of narrative voice. Most of the top folds include more than just a quick hit-and-run, often times using up as many characters as you can from the number of available ones in each fold. OK, we’re not saying that you need to look any better than you already do, but if you ask us, it feels good to write when you look as good as you do wearing this stuff. And when they force you to think creatively rather than just pointing and clicking, games have an even greater impact. Oh, and here’s a creativity workshop if you need to exercise that part of your brain. We’re pleased to announce that in the last month NixonBlack was the first user to reach 1,000 folds and also 1,000 votes! Inspired by the number of folds adding up, we decided to take a look into the expanding FoldingStory universe to see if we could find something of sociological value in the words used by all of you folders. We’ve found that the more diverse the authors of a story, the more interesting the final stories turn out to be. Like proud parents, we can’t help but share with you this tidbit from the UK (skip to pg.
If you thought a dead cell phone battery was the worst part of your day, this month’s Featured Story proves otherwise.
All aspiring narrators out there, this is the site that will keep you entertained this evening.
While we all know that folding stories with everyone on the site is a great experience, we’ve been toying with the idea of integrating your social network into the site so you can easily write, fold, and pass with your friends.
Congratulations, Happy Thanksgiving, and keep folding — 10,000 folds will be here before you know it! Some of you experienced mild bouts of claustrophobia and sudden panic attacks with the old character limits and timer.
Despite the best efforts of our team of engineers, we’ve realized that in real life it is literally impossible to fold a sheet of paper 20 times. The key to a successful foldingstory is creativity, diversity and collaborative spontaneity.
Another reason for the blog is that we want to chronicle our adventure creating FoldingStory. Begining March 1, you won't be able to opt out of the new policy, which has been criticised by privacy campaigners who have filed a complaint to U.S.
While it is not known exactly how Google would use your combined information, the policy has been widely criticised.
Privacy problems are particularly pertinent to those who share a Google account with other members of their family.
Fair Use Notice: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.
To use the new listing, which is simply an optimized version of the Web history product that's been around since early 2007, users first have to opt in.

Besides a listing of all your history, the mobile version of search history also lets you browse through result pages that have been starred.
The mobile-optimized Google search history page shows you where you've been, and what you've bookmarked--even if it was on another device. One nice feature that's still there and still quite easy to access from the mobile interface is a delete button.
All in all this is a handy addition and certainly a no-brainer for Google to custom tailor for touch-screen devices.
Clicking on it reveals the searches you performed lately as well as the result you decided to click on.
And if you want to pause the My Search History feature, there’s a pause button (you can also remove single items later on if you want to). Sites you then click on may thus check their referrer logs to get to know what you were searching for previously, which is a potential privacy issue. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. That feature is called “Browsing History” and regardless of the fact that it is a very useful feature, on the other side, it bypasses your privacy in case you are using a computer which is also accessed by other people.  This is a step by step tutorial on how to view and delete your browsing history or parts of it in Google Chrome browser. Press the drop-down arrow to select the period from which you want to clear your browsing data.
We've come to realize that a monthly newsletter may not be necessary (and some people may find it annoying, despite our best efforts to make it enjoyable). Well, you don't have to wonder anymore, because it's now a filtering option on the Read page! Stories get eaten and the future of FoldingStory rests in the hands of Detective Manatee and Secret Agent Michael Scarn. We added search, created a flagging system, and implemented private messaging, just to name a few of the most popular new features in 2011. Flat Stanley's life became a downward spiral of coke lines and racy Euclidean magazines.
It's time to give thanks, drum up your favorite loose attire, and eat like you know you can. As of right now, we are fewer than 300 folds away from a total of 25,000 folds since we started. Give it a read — and next time you look up at the night sky, you just might be looking at Sister Francesca. Or you live in traditionally shaky ground, in which case you might be pondering exactly what all the fuss is about. We’ve also seen more than 100 flags from you letting us know about some unsavory folds.
Give it a read — and remember to think twice before bringing your car keys to the toilet.
A place where we can forget about the natural disasters for a few minutes and write stories where limerick beginnings can have rhyme-fest endings.
Visit MoralEnd's profile, check out some Thunder Cat-style writing, and see if you can become the next resident fellow!
It starts out with a bang, and flirts with becoming a romantic comedy, before explaining how a papal-phile with a sword goes about getting an audience with the Pope. About this time last year we stopped talking about how awesome it would be to create FoldingStory and we got busy building it out. Now when you see an offensive line, you can now flag it by clicking on the flag icon next to each available line. Check out the blog post to see for yourself and receive instructions on how to get your hands on your own FoldingStory gear.
Now you can keep the story centered on things like specific locations, animals, your ex-girlfriend, celebrity cooking stars, ancient languages, or purple polka dots. Only when they could stop running from predators, or hunting and gathering food long enough to enjoy a few minutes of respite, did ancient cave dwellers turn to wall paintings. Well, the first one is pretty obvious - I mean you can’t spell writer without write, right?
Not only will it take your mind off your work, but the physio-chemical changes in your brain will help you think differently. And those are just the highlights - check out the whole article for a more in-depth discussion on feedback. She is the self published author who is making a killing selling her novels for less than $5 each online. From Hamilton, NY (have to give a shout out to my alma mater) to Ireland, Italy, and Ghana, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to leave the rest of the world behind and focus on your writing. From noon on March 17, until midnight on March 24 you can access all of their paid content, including articles from The Writer magazine.
He wrote up a great step-by-step guide and conclusion for trying this in your own classrooms. We would also like to give a shout out to MoralEnd for being the only other user to reach this level. Therefore, in an effort to keep the collective ideas flowing and the stories as fresh as possible, we’re currently on a push to break the threshold of 1,000 FoldingStory users. If you’ve ever used Twitter you will feel at home with this setup, as users can choose to follow your folds at will.
While we are all for open communication, attempting to be clever for the general public can sometimes be exhausting. There have been a number of amazing stories and lines, new friendships have started forming, and NixonBlack even suggested we host a FoldCon so users can meet in person.
We were hoping they’d be ready by now but you know how it is with the holidays, the families, the cheer.
Folding Story is a group storytelling game whose rules and dynamics will put your creativity to the limit… The results will be more or less stellar, but nobody could deny they are going to be tons of fun. The website has really come to life this month, and the stories are getting better and better with each new user that signs up. The first one was from paper tastebuds, a blog run by the extremely talented calligrapher, and good friend, Bryn. We’ve added some new features and made some tweaks to the site but our main focus right now is getting some more people to use this thing! We’ve developed an activity feed that shows you exactly who has added to your lines, who has made comments, and who likes your lines. To give you a very brief history, FoldingStory is the brainchild of four friends from elementary school. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. After that, it begins tracking searches from any computer or mobile phone where you're signed in. This is something you can do on either the mobile phone or on a normal browser since early March, when Google dumped its SearchWiki project in favor of a more traditional bookmarking system.
While you can't delete a whole group of searched for items at once (like you can on a desktop), it's a one-touch affair to delete items one at a time after hitting the "edit" button on the top of the search history page. On the company's Android handsets, search history is a more deeply ingrained part of the Web and phone search experience, so it's no surprise to see it show up as a more prominent part of a start page where users on other handsets have a chance to see it too.
One of the greatest features is that Google’s My Search History enables you to search only the pages you visited.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
We've decided to move the Featured Fold and Featured Story announcements to our Twitter feed, so we can share great stories more effectively. Check out this month's Featured Story to see if they can prevail against the almighty TSA.
We also achieved some major milestones, including 1,750 members (more than 1,500 new members last year alone), almost 27,000 folds, and over 1,770 finished stories.
We considered boycotting the trend, maybe even staging a protest, but who can resist the urge to express oneself through subtle and not-so-subtle pumpkin art?
If there are enough flags from our users, we will remove the line and remind the user about the rules.
But because of its growing community, emphasis on multiplayer collaboration, and inclusion of a leaderboard, it certainly feels like one. There’s strife in the Middle East, natural disasters abound, it’s still snowing in Chicago, and this Big Bird tribute to Jim Henson is still getting you down…OK now cheer up everyone!
You don’t see an abundance of art, written, painted, sculpted or otherwise, coming from the lower classes of a society (slaves, serfs, servants) because they were too busy working to survive. Prompted by Barry Eisler’s decision to turn down a $500,000 deal to publish his next novel himself, Rose discusses her experience in 1998 and how the industry, and perception, has changed since then. And if there’s an Internet connection, you can invite some new friends to join you on FoldingStory. If you’ve tried this in your classroom please let us know how it went, we would love to hear from you! So please be sure to tell your friends and share with the rest of the world how much fun we’re having over here at FoldingStory! However, if you are feeling a bit sheepish around a few people, you have the option to block specific members from following your folds.
Within each section you can display folds by anyone on FoldingStory, by those members you are following, or by just you.
Not too shabby considering we’ve had another 100+ members join in the first two weeks of 2011! We’re really excited about these new features and we think they will help make the site easier to use and bring the FoldingStory community even closer together. We really count on your emails for feedback about the folding experience, so please keep them coming. The team at FoldingStory wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday and reminds you to fold some stories with your family and loved ones! And, we even made the front page of the University of San Francisco School of Business and Professional Studies website. After that it wasn’t long until lebreeze became our first user and Legendaryman became the first non-founder to fold a line. Well, the fact of the matter is that we have lots of irons in the fire right now and we want to keep you informed about what’s going on, introduce you to new features and let you know how you can get more involved. It was conceived in late February, 2010, and before you knew it we were buying domain names and burning the midnight oil. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Don't worry, the site isn't going anywhere and we'll still send a newsletter to inform you of important FoldingStory developments. If you can't guess which day of the month it is, you've probably already begun celebrating St.
If you haven't visited FoldingStory in a while, now is a great time to come back, see all the great lines you've been missing, and find out if any of your lines made it to our Top Folds page. This caused an issue on reentry and Houston…" You have to check out all the twists and turns to truly appreciate this fold.
Or perhaps you don’t share our enthusiasm, which is fine because you will always be able to fold some stories to get your creative fix.
In the meantime, go fold some stories, be sure to eat right, and we promise we won’t give you anything to complain about.
The weather is beautiful — unless you live in Western Massachusetts where a tornado struck. Look to any society and you will see creativity flourish when citizens can indulge in idle time.
Once I start a book, nothing else gets done (including writing) until I’ve read it cover-to-cover. There are those few (bastards) who can experience a moment, or event, and know immediately how to put it into words. Get out of your chair and do something - FoldingStory will still be here to capture all of your brilliant folds when you get back!
Additionally, these sections update automatically as people add folds, so you don’t even need to refresh the page to view the latest content. To our knowledge, this is the first time FoldingStory has been featured in a print publication.
To hear such a positive response less than 12 months after we started this site is really inspiring. Please take a second to post a story you like to your Facebook or Twitter pages, or simply get out there and tell people about this awesome new game! I’ll save the details for future posts, but rest assured we are constantly working to improve FoldingStory and make it the kind of website you tell your grand-kids about one day. In October, after months of programming new features and fine tuning, we finally sent our first monthly newsletter and started introducing FoldingStory to people beyond our circle of friends and family. Patty's Day — a day when everyone celebrates, the beer runs green, and everyone gets a wee bit o' love. Now if that doesn't make your head spin, be sure to log in and fold some stories before the impending food coma sets in. If you string all of those folds together on a single line, do you know how far that would reach? It is not torpor, or acedia—the so-called Demon of Noontide—nor is it any form of passive resistance, for these require an engagement of the will, and idleness is manifestly not about that. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. There are numerous outstanding organizations that respond to these types of tragedies every day around the world. I mean, really, who has ever heard of an author who wrote a single word after (s)he was dead? Trust me, you’ll be happier and the words will flow more freely than a drunk at five cent beer night.
Please take a moment between folds and consider donating to a worthy cause that is helping those in need. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

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