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This is just a quick walkthrough on how to find the IMEI number and the Serial Number of your new Samsung Galaxy S5.
The IMEI number alone will let you block the phone if it got lost and reported it to your service provider. While this method is easy, you need to go through the ordeal of tapping correct options to be able to find both the IMEI and the Serial Number. This method may require a little effort as you have to pop the back cover open and remove the battery.
The numbers are properly labeled so you can find them easily; the IMEI is on top of the bar code while the SN is under.
It is imperative you know by heart the Google account you setup on your phone because you can do a lot of things to your phone with that account.

Once inside your account, click Android and you will see your device(s) listed with its IMEI number. If you are new with your Galaxy S5 and learning few things about the smart phone, then this post will be very helpful for you. A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years.
Android Apple Gaming How To Internet iPhone Mac Review The Top Best Windows PC E-Waste: You Will Be Surprised By The FactsLast week, we have celebrated earth day. It is intended for new owners who may still be learning a thing or two about their new device. The thing is these numbers are unique and every unit has different series of numbers as their identity.

This information is often taken for granted because it's not everyday that you will be asked about it.
That said, you can find the IMEI number, locate it if it got lost, ring it if you've misplaced it or reset it if you needed to.
If you call your service provider, and if they ask you to verify your account, you may have been asked the IMEI and Serial number of your phone as a part of the verification.
But now that you know, it's time you took a little time writing it now on a piece of paper and tuck it somewhere for future use.

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