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The serial number is unique for each Wii console and can be found on the bottom of the machine, printed on a label near the clock-battery tray. Note: The serial will be masked to preserve privacy but the full length is needed to calculate and identify a drive chip.
This is the model number for the main unit, it's printed at the label and spot as the serial number. It can be found on the same label on the bottom of the console, printed in small, light grey, font. The DVD drive serial is a very good indicator when there is a drive chip or a major revision change.
Please try to input the full serial number, ranges from 6 characters on the earliest models to 10 on the latest. The serial will be masked to preserve privacy, the three last characters will be changed to XXX. For some of the earlier Wii consoles that has the DMS or D2B chip may have 3 pins one one side of the chip cut away. Later revision of the D2C chip had some changes made to it and required a modchip update in order to work with existing D2C compatibel drive chips.
DVD drive: D4 (previously D3S) - The circuitboard on the drive is half the size of the previous revisions. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
At SIM2, we respect and protect your privacy and assure you that your registration information is completely secure. So it is always better to learn about these computer viruses and try to gain more awareness. This is the first and very basic thing you need to do, install a reliable anti virus software on your system. Most of the times we become a virus victim because of opening unknown attachments in emails.
Configure your antivirus software to start at boot up and run all the time, this will make sure that your computer is always safe even at start up.
Here I am not saying don’t download programs from web but I am saying to download required programs only from trusted sources.

USB devices are the widely used mediums for spreading viruses as it can be easily infected. Above are some good tips to keep your computer virus free but what ever care we take sometimes accidentally a virus can attack your computer, so I would advice you to have a back up program on your computer which will take the complete and clean backup of your computer.
And the data will NOT be shared with or in any way given to a third-party, your privacy is respected.
It begins with RVL-001(XXX) where XXX is the abbreviation of the region the console is sold, i.e. This has been '2006' up till now but can potentionally be used used later on to identify future revisions. Look for large characters between the power cable and the orange ribbon-cable, it's printed on a yellow background. On some boards the serial is split into two lines with the last two letters being on the second line. It's possible to re-connect the points on the chip to the traces but it requires attention to detail and some solder skills.
This pad was a required to complete a standard installation of a first generation modchip e.g.
The easiest way to identify the new D2C controller is to look for a new metal clip on top of the DVD unit near the spinning cog. This looks like a preventative measure against installation of modchips, as it covers all the original and alternative installation points.
It's still based on the D3-2 chipset but is smaller and is call the D4 (previously also called the D3S).
Once you have completed the steps in this form and submitted it, a SIM2 representative will contact you or will send you instructions.
Antivirus software scans your computer in real time and check for any suspicious activities on your system. If you can not afford a commercial antivirus program then you can also use Avast antivirus (home edition) which is completely free and most reliable among free antivirus programs. So always make sure that you scan each email through your antivirus program to make sure that it is virus free. Configuring your antivirus program to start by itself will ensure you get immediate protection anyway.

As I have already mentioned everyday new type of computer viruses are being created in order to make maximum possible harm to your computer. Do not download pirated software from the internet as they contain very dangerous computer viruses. There are three IC-chips and the DVD chip ontroller is the middle-sized one, the smaller one of the two large chips. SIM2 product registration is totally voluntary and failure to register will not diminish your warranty rights. These antivirus software have a data base of virus definitions and from these definitions they find out a virus on your system. Even if you are sending a mail, scan it and then send it, this will make sure that you are not spreading any viruses, be responsible. If at all you have to download from internet then make sure to scan itA before opening the file.
Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Take a look at this Wikipedia image to get a better understanding of how the the video mode regions is spread. An easy workaround was to solder a wire directly from the modchip to the drive chip pins instead.
Earlier it could be identified by checking the serial number on drive circuit board and if it started with a F it was the new D3-2..
Computer viruses can cause a complete damage to your property as well as to your personal life as well in some cases.
Apart from the virus definitions these software also keep an eye on the activities going on in your system and if they find anything suspicious they will block the program and will keep you safe. So it best to change the setting in your program to automatically update itself whenever any new updates come.

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