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You can also find the value of physical constant by entering the keyword like area of circle, area of rectangle, speed of sound and more. For a circle, we can find the distance around the outside, but it's not called the perimeter. For any other polygon, if you simply add the dimensions of each side, you can calculate the perimeter. For a rectangle, the dimensions of the lengths are the same and the dimensions of the widths are the same.
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Find the ratio of the area inside the square but outside the circle to the area of the square in the figure.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged geometry algebra-precalculus or ask your own question. Finding an area of a triangle inside of a triangle, given certain areas of other triangles, and area ratios.
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In a same way if you have a doubt in mathematics, just Google it and you won’t be disappointed with the result.
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Similarly, problem (a) is asking for the proportion of the area of the square that is cover by its corners. Can someone explain to me what they mean by that and stay posted for I may have questions about (b)-(e).

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