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Find the Latitude and Longitude of a Place with Google Maps Tech Guides About Us Work 19 Mar 2014 Find the Latitude and Longitude of any Place with Google Maps How to find longitude and latitude coordinates of any location on Earth using Google Maps. Google Maps will display latitude and longitude values, and there are several methods to obtain these numbers.
Previously, users had to paste custom JavaScript into the URL box of Google Maps to be able to display the latitude and longitude of an address. A little dialog box will pop up displaying the coordinates which can be copied and pasted for use elsewhere. If these methods don’t help you with all, we also have other methods for finding latitude and longitude.
So, I centered the Google map and then copied and pasted some kind of code into my browser.
The location bar is the area up at the top of the browser where you can type in the location of a web address. And dis you mean I just add that code at the end of the address or should I do something prior? This all works very nicely but you can also search an address in Google then right click on the pin and choose What’s Here?
Actually right-click on the pin does not get you the center of the map except by mere chance.
Not very precise (ironically), if you try to do the math to convert this to minutes and seconds. So, to give a satellite your address, you would tell it where you are on the Earth’s latitude and longitude grid. You can look up latitude and longitude coordinates for cities on a map or globe or on the Internet.
Nautical Almanacs, Requisite Tables, Mathematical TablesA  The captainsa€™ celestial observations yielded nothing more than raw data.
Lewis carried with him The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris a€¦ for the Year 1803, 1804 and 1805 (it is not certain that he had the 1806 almanac).

A companion book to the Nautical Almanac was: Tables Requisite to be Used with the Nautical Ephemeris for Finding the Latitude and Longitude at Sea (Nevil Maskelyne). These techniques will provide the latitude and longitude coordinates for any location on the map.
Because this trick provides the latitude and longitude of the center of the map, moving the map around manually after that will change the center position and this technique will not work accurately.
Clair is a tech guru studying Computer Science at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.
Suggested improvement: Turn the above code into a link so readers can drag-and-drop it as a bookmarklet into their toolbars. Is it possible for a bash or python script to query Google maps and get the returned values? I knew there had to be a better way to do this than squinting at the link url, but it has been elusive. The comments and forum posts are property of their posters, all the rest ® 2003-2015 by QD Ideas, LLC. For example, Galveston, Texas, is located at about latitude 29 degrees north and longitude 94 degrees west. Try finding General Motors headquarters – it’s at 42 degrees north and 20 minutes, 83 degrees west and 3 minutes; or 42n20, 83w03 for short. To determine latitude, longitude, and magnetic declination, their observations were processed with information provided by almanacs and tables.
The almanacs were published several years in advance of the year indicated on them and gave the celestial coordinates of the sun, moon, planets, and navigational stars at various increments of time at Greenwich, England. These books provided Lewis and Clark with valuable information on how and when to take observations, what corrections they needed to make to obtain valid results, and how to calculate geographic data from most of their observations. When he's not tinkering with new gadgets, modding systems, or slaving away at the mercy of the Tech-Recipe overlords, you can find him exploring the high country.
You can confirm this by clicking different parts of the pin and comparing the results to the javascript method that is the subject of this thread.

For example, clicking on my university building gives the name of surrounding streets, depending on what part of the building you click, since the building isn’t in their database. Google Geocode Service in Google Maps JavaScript API V3 provides classes that we can use to get latitude and longitude of an address. Then we extracted latitude, longitude and address’s long_name from the result array and put latitude and longitude in TextBoxes. Or you might use directional terms to say you are north, or southeast, for example, of a landmark.
In addition, Lewis brought along a copy of A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy (Patrick Kelly) a€” a practical guide to spherical trigonometry and how to compute celestial observations and convert them into geographic information.
Earlier, Google maps used to display the GPS position if you drag the location marker off the requested location on the map.
Then we call initialize function with latitude, longitude and address to show the map with Marker and InfoWindow. A more exact address for Galveston is: 29n18, 94w48, or latitude 29 degrees 18 minutes north, longitude 94 degrees 48 minutes west. Use the zoom controls on the map to zoom-in as much as possible until you locate the place for which you need the latitude and longitude.
Go back to google maps, centre the map wherever you want, then go to your bookmark menu and select the bookmark you just created. I figured that had to be easier than trying to figure this out, though probably more difficult than advanced Geometry. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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