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The LED lights on the boat flash to indicate the hoppers or hook release mechanisms have been successfully activated. FAST FIND 220 PLB is a lifesaving beacon with buoyancy pouch included, designed for marine enthusiasts and adventurers.
The FAST FIND 220 PLB uses advanced technology packed into a simple, lightweight, palm sized unit. It is important, as a jet ski owner, to be responsible and be very aware that you are riding a motorised vehicle, and with that comes the fact that mechanical or electrical failure is inevitable at some point regardless of how new or reliable your craft is. Essential emergency equipment for any off-shore traveller to get you out of a trickey spot if you suddenly have an unexpected non-start scenario.
Uniden VHF Marine Radio is simple to use and essential component to any off shore jet ski riding. Adding the GPS upgrade does cost, but beyond that there is no extra cost to use the service beyond the obvious EVDO broadband subscription cost.  Head over to MSN Autos for demo of how you can find local, real-time gas prices. The Halifax Regional Police Service says it has introduced the first police monitored GPS tracking system for patients with Alzheimera€™s. Halifax Regional Police Constable Matthew MacGillivray shows off GPS tracking device for patients with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Halifax Regional Police says it will be the first police service in Canada to introduce a GPS tracking system for patients with Alzheimera€™s and other forms of dementia.

The year-long pilot project will include 10 participants 55 years and older who will wear a device on their wrist a€” larger than watch a€” that will allow police to track them quickly should they wander off, Const.
The impetus for the provincially funded program, which starts later this month, dates back over five years to when an elderly Quebec man with Alzheimera€™s wandered from his home and succumbed to the elements. MacGillivray was part of national committee with the Alzheimer Society that looked into the GPS technology and has worked closely with the local chapter on the project. The device, which costs about $350 and works on the same principle as personal navigators, is relatively light-weight and contains a SIM card a€” similar to a cellphone a€” to make or receive emergency calls. MacGillivray said the pilot project hopes to have 10 volunteers by the end of January, which is Alzheimera€™s Awareness Month. MacDonald said there are 15,000 people with the disease in Nova Scotia and thata€™s expected to double over the next 30 years. Meanwhile, Ontario is developing a program similar to the Amber Alert for missing children to help quickly find seniors with Alzheimera€™s and other cognitive impairments when they are missing.
The Silver Advisory program is being developed in partnership with seniors and health organizations, the Ontario Seniorsa€™ Secretariat, the Ontario Provincial Police, municipal police services and broadcasters. I can safely say that the PB carp weighing 56lb 6oz was only caught because I used the baitboat for the first time, terrific!! Using the dedicated 406MHz frequency, Fast Find 220 transmits your unique ID and precise GPS location to the global network of search and rescue satellites.

They set off two warning beacons to alert their base in New Zealand, who then contacted the water police in Greece. Matthew MacGillivray, Halifax Regional Police training division, told the Toronto Star Wednesday.
Either people will be very interested in this technology and what it can do for their loved ones, or people may think ita€™s something thata€™s not for them. Wenda MacDonald, coordinator of information services and research liaison for the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, said people with Alzheimera€™s and other forms are dementia are prone to wandering off and getting lost. So, it is important to find them as soon as possible,a€? she said, adding that the GPS tracking is one of different methods and strategies to either prevent people from wandering off or to find them when they do get lost. Within minutes rescuers are alerted to your situation, and receive regular position updates.
If you ?nd yourself in a remote area without any other form of communication, activating your FAST FIND 220 will summon emergency assistance.

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