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1.* (1997 F 4) Certain coordination compounds are used in clinical medicine as heart and brain imaging agents. 4.* (1996 F 1) What's the maximum number of unpaired electrons any transition metal complex can have? 16.* (1993 F 1G) Name a complex cation with 3 unpaired electrons, a charge of 3+, and chirality at the metal center. 17.* (1993 F 5) 2,9-dimethyl orthophenanthroline is a reagent used for the selective binding of copper in one of its oxidation states. 18.* (1993 2 1) For each of the following complexes indicate the oxidation state of the central metal, the d electron configuration and the number of unpaired electrons, and whether the structure is chiral or achiral. From the Lewis structure of CO2 and VSEPR, we can determine that this is a linear molecule. The C-O bonds in carbon dioxide are polar and yet the dipole moment is zero because the 2 bond dipoles cancel each other.
One thing that we can understand by looking at the structure of CO2, is that the carbon center of the molecule must be electrophilic. Even though the total electron count around the carbon is 8, this overestimates the electron density. From the Lewis structure we can see that the carbon in CO2 must make 2 sigma bonds and it has no lone pairs. A 2sp2 orbital on O1 combines with a 2sp orbital on C to make a sigma bonding and a sigma antibonding molecular orbital.

The O1 2px combines with the C 2px to make a pi bonding and pi antibonding molecular orbital. The 16 valence electrons fill through the 2 pi bonding orbitals so there is a full double bond between carbon and each oxygen. As you saw above, the total electron count around the atoms in carbon dioxide seriously overestimates the electron density around the carbon atom. Break the bonds giving all of the bonding electrons to the more electronegative of the 2 atoms. Count the electrons around each atom and compare the number of electrons to the number of valence electrons, just as you do for formal charge. From the oxidation states, we see that the carbon center is very electron poor and in its highest possible oxidation state. The unpaired electrons on two of the reduced carbon centers can combine to form a covalent bond in the product, sodium oxalate. Compound 2 enters the brain by diffusing through the brain blood barrier; this substance is trapped because it is acted on in the brain by an esterase. What is the oxidation state, d-electron configuration, and number of unpaired electrons in compound 4? Give an example of a metal complex made only from an anionic aromatic ligand, show the structure, indicate the oxidation state of the metal and the d-electron count. Draw a stereochemical structure for a coordination complex which is chiral and has three unpaired electrons.

Describe how to resolve a racemic mixture of Ru(bipy)32+ into its two enantiomers, and how to make sure that your separation procedure has worked.
An electrophile (electron-lover) is a center that is electron poor and will be attracted to centers that are electron-rich. The other 2sp orbital on C combines with a 2sp2 orbital on O2 to make another set of sigma bonding and sigma antibonding molecular orbitals. The O2 2py combines with the C 2py to make another set of pi bonding and pi antibonding molecular orbitals. The oxidation state formalism can give us a better idea about the electron density around an atom and its tendency to add electrons and become reduced.
An electron-rich center that can form a bond with an electron-poor carbon atom is called a nucleophile (positive charge-lover). The other oxygen will have a 2py orbital that can combine with the other p orbital on carbon.

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