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Each Apple iPad comes with a Unique series of numbers ie the Serial number, IMEI Number & ICCID Number which are useful for the Apple Support Team to recognize your iPad and diagnose it. First of all is the Apple iTunes Software which is bridge between your Apple iPad and your Computer.
Hope the above informative tutorial which was created with the help of Apple Support was useful to use in finding the iPad Numbers for warranty and other issues. Because you’ll likely need a Macs serial number at some point in time, we will show you two ways to retrieve the hardware serial number from OS X, an easy visual way, and an auditory method where it will be spoken to you as well. A better solution for many is utilize the awesome text to speech features of OS X and have the Mac read the serial number aloud, eliminating any confusion and preventing you from having to squint and guess at the outcome. The serial number will be read very clearly and slowly, making it really easy to understand and transcribe if needed, or provide it to another party over the phone or through online chat support.
Advanced users can also turn to the command line to retrieve a serial number of a Mac or get it remotely through SSH and remote login, but the vast majority of Mac users will be better off having OS X just read their serial number to them if they’re having difficulties. You can easily find the serial number of the ipad device by implementing the below instructions.

The following is the procedure for solving the problem of the serial number of iPad can be found. open The serial number, ICCID and IMEI are listed towards the bottom of the about page. 6.then You can find both the iPad serial number and IMEI number which is printed on the iPad packaging. connect your account to the iTunes go to about iTunes and scroll down to find the serial number.
The IMEI Number is the number which is assigned to every mobile phone handset, and while the iPad also offers similar functions it comes with IMEI Number too. Once you connect the computer to the iPad using the USB Cable, you will find the details in the software screen itself. Yes, but you’ll be more than forgiven if you find that serial number text size to be incredibly small, and frankly, the font is kind of hard to read. Conveniently, this is actually built right into the System Information app as an option, though nobody seems to know about it.

This is great and and it prevents a lot of confusion that is bound to occur with some of serial numbers out there, so whether using this tip yourself or when performing some remote troubleshooting for someone else, don’t forget this trick, it can prevent plenty of frustration.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If your iPad is working properly you can find the serial number by using the following steps. That is exaggerated even more so on higher resolution screens or displays that are pretty small like the MacBook Air, making the text so challenging to read that it’s often read incorrectly which can lead to some frustration as you go back and forth with an Apple rep or yourself trying to guess the proper serial number. Just connect your account to the iTunes go to about iTunes and scroll down to find the serial number.

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