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When I tried the service, the number porting took only 10 days; in the interim NetTalk provided me with a temporary phone number that switched automatically to the landline number once the swap authorization was complete.
Like many families, we rely primarily on our cell phones these days; the three landline phones in our home are used much less frequently than they used to be. On the NetTalk site you enter the user name and password that shipped with the Duo and then provide your name, E911 address, and e-mail. Before I switched our home phone to VoIP I had heard that conventional fax machines didn't work over VoIP connections. This is done differently from each country, as each country has its own IDD (International Direct Dial) code. If you are in the USA and are dialing numbers in Canada or the Caribbean, you do not need to dial a country code as many of these countries belong to the "North American Numbering Plan (NANP).
This is not necessary for all countries, and you may only need to do this if standard dialing is not giving you the desired results. This is the number for the British Museum in London, which we will use for our demonstration.
Find the country code for the country you would like to call, find your IDD (International Direct Dial) code, and that is all you need.
Instead, press the "call" button (green button) before you dial and wait for the dial tone, then dial the international number!
The device you see above, called the Ooma Telo, will save you $60+ each month by eliminating your current land line monthly service fees. It has better quality than other VOIP services partly because it can throttle computer online activity to preserve voice quality. As a Premier customer, I also got a second phone number, which I set up to forward to my cell phone, so I can answer it from anywhere.
You can also get additional numbers beyond that for $5 ea., and you can map all of the additional numbers to specific Telo handsets (purchase separately). The Telo device alone will plug into your house lines and support your existing phones, like your brand new Panasonic Cordless Phone that you chose with my Buying Guide. The base unit, acts like an answering machine in that you can listen to your voicemails directly through the speaker on the unit.
I just plugged my Telo base unit directly into one of my wall phone jacks with a splitter, and it distributes to all the phones around my house with no problem.
I did go into the phone company's outside hookup box attached to my house and unplugged the line coming in from the street (even though it is technically already "disconnected"). Again, If you are only going for the basic service (not Ooma Premier), then you DON'T need the Ooma Telo Handset. There is also the option to keep your traditional landline as a backup, and integrate it with the Ooma if you want.

If you do have any call quality issues, be sure to call the Ooma Customer Support about it.
Hopefully, Ooma will read this review, and improve the user design of their next model.  Don't get me wrong, though, I would still buy the Telo over the Hub for the voice quality improvements, and I love the Ooma service all in all.
You can choose to keep a landline connected to your Ooma as a back up option so that during Internet outages placing 911 calls are always possible.
Get superb sound quality, security and range without interfering with your Wi-Fi network or other home electronics. Ooma is a high-performance firewall router, with QoS support, that allows you to setup home-based servers and other network devices. Add Ooma Premier and you’ll get all the bells and whistles, including a full range of advanced features. Keep up to date with new message notifications that can be sent to any email address or SMS-capable mobile phone. Transfer a call to voicemail by pressing the “Send to Voicemail” button any time after you say hello.
Get some peace and quiet whenever you want by simply pressing the envelope icon for two seconds. Whether you’re doing business or chatting with friends, three-way conference calling has never been easier. Stop unwanted callers in their tracks by blocking certain callers or sending them directly to voicemail. Make it so callers have to show their caller-ID in order to reach you, so that you always know who's calling.
Ensure you never miss a call by configuring your Ooma system to simultaneously ring or forward to your mobile phone. If you're not yet registered, please register in order to access your Globe Broadband, Landline or Mobile Bill.Click the Register ButtonIf you want to access for example your Globe Broadband Bill, be sure you know your Account Number of your Globe Broadband Bill. Please I want to receive a monthly bill statement of my account,thru mail not by voice call. In fact, we could get by nicely using only cell service, but we've used our home number for 12 years and would prefer to keep it. I use a 1998-vintage fax machine regularly, so I was prepared to replace the machine with an Internet fax service. For some countries, you need to pause after dialing the first zero and wait for another dial tone.
They all share the same country code of +1; so when you call from say the USA or Canada to Bermude, you simply dial 1, the area code and then the local number.
This will slow down the dialing enough so that the international switch can make the connection.
We've simplified and enhanced the experience, so now you can access Google Voice's Voicemail, Call Presentation, Listen In, and Caller-ID features - all with the press of a button. Get your messages wherever there's email access - on a mobile phone, portable device or computer.

We just don't want to overspend for it.By unofficial count, our household makes about three calls and receives about two genuine calls on the home number each week. Connect the Duo to your router via the included Ethernet cable, and plug the phone set into the Duo's phone port.After the Duo registers with the NetTalk network the phone will ring and you'll hear a dial tone. You can imagine my delight when I found the ancient fax machine transmitted without a hitch when I connected it to the NetTalk Duo.Since the phone jacks in the house no longer receive a signal, we have only the phone set connected to the router via the Duo's Ethernet link. Ooma Voicemail-to-Text service is available to Ooma Premier subscribers only for $9.99 per month. If it is, you can submit a Number Porting Authorization when you complete your order or afterward by signing into your NetTalk account.Enter your landline's area code and exchange to find out whether your current phone number can be ported to a NetTalk account. Each subsequent year of service costs $30, which is less than most people spend each month for their landline. The phone is ready to place and receive calls.Connecting the Duo through a PC requires downloading the USB driver, restarting the computer, and connecting your phone to the Duo and the Duo to the PC via the included USB cable. It's a cordless phone that works throughout the house and has a long battery life, which means we're not necessarily tethered to the home office. With Ooma’s Instant Second Line feature, all you have to do is go to another Ooma Telo Handset in the house, pick it up, and you’ve got a fresh Ooma dial tone.
Our number has been added to every "do not call" register there is but still the telemarketing persists.
Once the device autosyncs with the NetTalk network the phone rings to indicate a dial tone.
Some of the Premier features I use are the multi-ring, and instant second line, which, as I mentioned above, I combine and use by giving out the secondary number on Craigslist and such, so I don't have to give out my cell #, but it still rings through to the cell, so I can answer it during the work day. There are many good reasons to pay for a hard-wired phone line -- extensions in many rooms, self-powering, tone clarity. A NetTalk account includes voicemail, call history, and auto-forwarding, among other features.
Companies typically offer local service covering calls made in your local area, and long distance service, which may be provided through a separate company.
There are many more good reasons not to pay for one, especially considering Internet-phone quality and features keep getting better.
If you think your service provider has been changed without your authorisation, or if you don't know or have forgotten who your landline phone service provider is, you can easily find out the details.
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You will hear a recorded message that tells you the name of your long distance phone service provider.
Contact your preferred phone service provider and explain that your service was improperly changed and that you want to change it back.

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