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Your phone number is worth a lot to telemarketing companies, so it’s useful to learn how to prevent them from calling.
But even if you’ve already given out your number, you can still stay somewhat private.
For those of you who have navigated to people search websites, AKA data broker websites that sell your personal information, you might notice that most have a portion dedicated to reverse phone lookups.  This means that not only can someone search for you by name, but that same person can look up a phone number, and these websites will associate it with your name, address, and other personally identifiable information. To remove your phone number from many of the websites that provide the reverse phone lookup, use these directions.
I am on do not call list since it started , I file the complaints as they came in for years. Folks, please believe me when I say that it really is not complicated or costly to provide the services such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, etc. As one plagued with telephone spam for the last couple of years I was hoping for a more substantial article from Abine. It maybe on the edge of Abine’s mission, but a more detailed approach to telephone security, control and mediation would be greatly appreciated.
Abine has a number of great products I use and recommend, adding phonsec seems like a good idea. A few months ago when a telemarketer called and asked the me, I told the caller that person was dead (yes, it felt strange to say that). For some lucky folks there is a great solution – I’m not one of the lucky ones!
The problem is ATT makes money off of telemarketing calls, so they won’t give us an efficient and foolproof way to stop them.
I have the Google Voice Android App on my smart phone to send and receive texts through my GV number. I have my Google Voice phone number set up to ring both my home phone AND smart phone, and is the only phone number that I give out because I have total control of my account. Also… I use the Google Voice extension on my Chrome browser to send and receive texts from my desktop computer.
And all Google Voice calls and texts from my smart phone use data and do not count as air time or texts on my cell phone bill… another plus!
Found the article quite informative as a reminder more than anything and the posted comments quite telling too and hope you will also in time. I never had a single telemarketer call on my mobile unit UNTIL I registered my home and mobile number with Do Not Call Registry here.
I registered my number with the National Do Not Call Registry, and a month later, calls dropped off dramatically.
Since then, I have received two calls, both from companies with whom I’ve done business within 30 days of the call (which is allowed). In these dark days of government infringing on our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, in collusion with Google, Facebook and Microsoft, why would anyone give out their personal info to any of these fascists? I take it, from his comments, that JWSmithy thinks we are all a bunch of know all smart arses like him. I am 70 years old and just learning about computers, worked for 52 years without them, why are they so important, especially to know alls.
The only time waster was the 2 lines of text exemplifying the extent of your intellectual abilities on this subject. Strangely enough you just took the time to write all that ridiculous information about nothing. Mobile Phone – Inbuilt blocking and a silent ringtone, all my contacts have a different ringtone so I only ever have to talk to the people I want to. I also have a cheap pay and go mobile with a throwaway number for when I need to give out a number, and need to talk to someone who I don;t want to give my main numbers too, if I get any cold calls I just get a new sim, and start again. I also have a Virtual mobile number which I use when signing up for web sites etc, it goes straight to answerphone and I never check it, it also costs a lot to ring so basically just wastes their time and money.

I’ve found a two step method that blocks the majority of telemarketers from my Android smartphone. To get yourself removed from robo-calls, respond to the robo-call as you would an answering machine. Seriously people….just do not answer your phone if you do not recognize the number!!!!! I don’t understand why we can’t just block certain numbers with a push of a button?
Caller ID is one of those features that we are so used to that it has become ubiquitous across both phones and carriers regardless of which country you live in. With Caller ID you can see a caller’s phone number on your phone whenever you receive a call.
There are occasions however, when to protect your privacy or other reasons, you would prefer to keep your phone number hidden from the screen of the ones you are calling.
This one is a bit tricky, since there is not one-fits-all solution, but it is still not that hard to implement.
Usually, phone carriers offer unique codes that can be used to block your Caller ID on a Per-Call basis.
Note: My country (Peru) has no specific code listed, but it works in Argentina (which has a specific disabler code), so your usage may vary. We do hope that you don’t use this feature to trouble someone, because it isn’t that foolproof and your carrier can always tell who’s calling whom. This does not work on iPhone 6, cannot find the block id setting, searching web, cannot find.
For Verizon users: If you have to make a business-related call on your personal phone but don’t want just anyone to have your number, you can block Caller ID on your outgoing calls using Verizon Caller ID Blocking. Sometimes, accidentally sending a text message to the wrong person can go from awkward to funny in an instant, depending on how the other person responds. Cell Phones, Funny, Smartphone .You can leave a response. The most important tip we can give you is this: do not give out your phone number unless absolutely necessary. Two-thirds of people we surveyed reported giving out a fake phone number: 78% did so when signing up for a website, and 53% did when signing up for a poll. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do a reverse phone search rather than a name search, and follow the same directions as those for removing information in a name search. I have been registering my numbers every year or so and continue to get at least 10 telemarketer or spam calls a day which I have reported to FCC.
All the telephone company wants is your money and it’s ridiculous what they charge for these services that cost them almost nothing to provide.
I rarely get spam text msgs because when I do, I flag it as spam and Google filters them out of the system.
Also, I really like the comment by Mr Dee which I have been meaning to set-up for myself for quite some time and reading this comment spurs me to finally take action and set this up with my own mobile phone. Interestingly when I tried posting this reply right after my reply to Mr Dee, I received this WordPress Error “You are posting comments too quickly. Build that box and I’ll buy it, as long as it has a button that lets me incinerate the phone equipment of the annoying caller.
Of course, when you are the one making a phone call, the other party will also be able to see your phone number displayed on their screen. Thankfully, doing so on your iPhone is not hard at all, but it can only be enabled on a general basis and not on a per-call scenario. So if for example you want to call the number 212-555-5555, all you need to do is find your “disabler” code and add it before the number you want to call, so it should look like this #31# 555-5555. In that case all you have to do is go to that contact and edit it’s phone number to add the disabler code in front of it.

Switch it OFF and all your outgoing calls will have your number blocked until you re-enable the option to show it. Two simple, yet effective ways to help you have even more control over who sees your phone number and when they see it. Just press *67 before you dial your call, and “Private,” “Anonymous” or “Restricted” will appear on the receiver’s Caller ID readout. For example, someone sent an image of a standard cable to the wrong person, but only ended up with a cat picture and a simple "who is this" message. I had an unlisted number that got out and it had to be changed to a new unlisted number, and I have 2 cell phones, for which both have new numbers as people I did not want to associate with had my old numbers. How many people would opt out if they knew you’re number was going to go telemarketers. I did pay to port a local phone number though, so I could have a local number here in my rural community. Since both Apple and AT&T want to charge me a hefty chunk of change to block calls, I found a Silent Ringtone that I added to the phone. Not only do you know a great deal about it, you know how to present in a way that people will want to read more. You can block as many as you want, see if other users have marked it as spam, I think you can see user comments on numbers that you are blocking (like what they’re trying to sell), and even have 20 number look ups for free. This service comes in handy for those who work in sensitive fields such as law enforcement. I wrote a text message because I was a little afraid and ashamed to talk to her on the phone . This occurred a few years ago with AT&T also gobbling up a few other telecommunications companies along the way.
It has a bunch of other features and long distance although the extra service is 10 dollars a month. It costs about five bucks a month and I’d gladly pay twice that amount if I could get it!
Use a cheap answering machine to screen your calls, No message frequently means it’s a garbage call.
If it’s a political call I tell them that when I get a robo call from them I take their candidate off my list of potential people I might vote for. If you want to block Caller ID on all of your outgoing calls, you can set that up through My Verizon.
Thank you Albine for reminding me to put my new home phone and cell phone numbers on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!
AT&T is a very poor service provider, almost a monopoly again as they were back in the 80s before it was broken up by the FCC.
The phone modem is 150 I think but it hooks up to any cordless and from what I heard the call quality is really good. I rarely get telemarketing calls and when I do, I go to my Google Voice account online and block the number. The internet is full of crafty, sneaky people who can aggregate your information and use it in less than positive ways.
Get e – mail and send it your details , and she will be happy to send you my autograph !
There is an option to add specific telephone numbers _Preferred Caller List) so that the message is not received. Third, if a telemarketer does get thru and I answer, I wait thru the crap message and make sure I tap whatever number to reach an actual person.

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