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CHECK BALANCES – See current account balances for your checking, savings, and credit card accounts.
VIEW TRANSACTIONS – View recent transaction history in your checking or savings accounts and search for specific transactions by date, amount, or check number. PAY BILLS – Make one-time bill payments to billers you have entered in PNC Online Banking. LOCATE PNC – Locate the nearest PNC Bank Branch or ATM using built-in Location Services or search by zip code and street address. An open source “toolkit” for integrated hybrid(indoor-outdoor) LBS for location, tracking ofasset and people as well as their routing basedon open standard protocols.
The project will promote a number of openness and awareness-rising activities targeted at maximising the impact of the project within the widest community of stakeholders through series of conferences, workshops, training actions. Nively is a French start-up company specialising in location technologies (indoor and outdoor). The European Commission Data Portal has published an announcement about the indoor surveyThe European Commission has published an official announcement about the indoor survey promoted by OGC, InLocation Alliance and i-locate.

It is widely acknowledged that the key trends regarding the eHealth domain are patient’s welcoming and guidance, today regarded as indicators of the quality of the health system.
The certification of a hospital require certification and synchronisation of processes, rationalisation of resources.
The availability of integrated indoor and outdoor LBS allows to guide people within public buildings (hospital, public offices, museums, technological parks, universities, fairs etc.) by using a standard smartphone. The next and final i-locate conference will take place in the context of GeoIoT conference in Brussels! OGC, InLocation Alliance and i-locate Project Seek Input on Use Cases and Benefits of Indoor Positioning! This website or third-party tools used in this website make use of cookies required to operate and useful for the purposes described in the cookie policy. Nively has been created as the spin-off of the EC-funded projects i-locate, and UNCAP both coordinated by Dr Giuseppe Conti, Nively’s CTO.
Trying to promote more “human” processes through welcoming protocols, trying to anticipate and ensure the expectations of the patients and their fundamental rights, in line with a patient’s centric view, is considered as one of the key indicators of the structure.

Tracking of indoor asset allows to locate important portable medical asset within the hospital and improve their management through more optimised use, to quickly locate devices throughout the hospital or within different buildings (e.g.
Similarly they enable creation of location-based e-gov services that can be used by citizens to accomplish a given procedures that requires going through subsequent steps, visiting different offices, located in different places. The Conference will have as main events a Thinkshop, a Hackathon and the i-locate Challenge award ceremony. In fact, the certification of an hospital depends on the assessment of the welcoming process and on the capability of the institution to follow the patient across the diagnostic and clinical path.
In addition, managers can promote forms of “lean hospitals” or –more in general- “lean offices” through localisation and sharing of asset between units and can improve utilisation of resources through statistical analysis of spatial distribution of resources (human, devices etc.).

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