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As most of you know, our e-mail notifications already include information such as memory use and restart times. If you would like to get started with SMS notifications, simply log into Java-monitor and open the host for which you would like to enable SMS notifications, as shown in the screenshot below. I would like to say 'thank you' to users Barry, Kees de Kooter, admini and lethyro85 for beta testing. This is a simple example of validation in XAML for WPF controls and displaying error messages.
Let us add code so that when values are entered in the above text boxes, they automatically run validation and if there are validation errors, they will be displayed next to the corresponding control. Let's plug this validation control template and the validation rule with control that we want to validate.
When we run this now and enter a name longer than three characters long, it displays the red exclamatory sign indicating validation error.
Now when we run the code and validation fails, a validation error will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below (coded validator class for age and phone number as well). That is all that is needed for the simplest validation error to show up next to the control. How to include all the validation logic for all the controls in the same class, instead of creating a class for each control to be validated. Let’s get you through the process, it will take you less than 10 minutes, but you’ll do it only once and you’ll be good for ever! If your account is not already verified with Facebook, you will have to verify it using your mobile phone number. You should receive a text message very quickly, if you do not, redo the previous step to make sure your phone number was right. Once your app is created, you have to add it to your Agorapulse account to be able to enjoy your own personalized publisher.

5 – You also have to enter the URL to which you want to redirect your fans if they click on your app name. Our publishing feature was using a single Facebook application for everyone, the Agorapulse App. We have made the decision to stop using our main Facebook app to allow our users to publish on their pages.
The first advantage for you is that you will have your own application for publishing on your page, this app will not be affected by the potential spammy behavior of other users. The second advantage is that, because your app will not be shared with other users, your app score with edgerank will not be affected by other pages’ behavior. You can now be kept up-to-date about the status of your servers, even when you are on the road and your e-mail is inaccessible. The SMS notifications cram a condensed version of this analysis into the 160 characters available.
Notice in the validation control template, we are using a DockPanel as the layout control, therefore we can easily change where the error icon and error message will be displayed. When our users were publishing on their page and getting spam reports on their content, these spam reports were attributed to our app by the automated reporting systems at Facebook. All our users who want to publish on their pages using our publisher now have to create their own Facebook application to do so. In the future, if we have users who post spammy content and trigger an automated action by Facebook, this will only affect their own app. As you may know, there has been a lot of debate about the potential effect of using third party app to publish on Facebook pages, the main complaint being that posts made by such app had a lower reach (see this blog article).
Facebook still displays “published via [appname]” on links and videos published via a third party publisher. New users who register before the end of September 2009 will also receive free SMS credits when they start monitoring hosts with Java-monitor.

In the second, ON-LINE message, we see that the JVM was restarted mere seconds before the first data arrived at Java-monitor's collector servers. Java-monitor automatically lets you know via e-mail when you SMS credit is about to run out. In the same release, we have added a mechanism to avoid sending out false positives in case of Java-monitor server failure. As a consequence, if one of our users did spammy posts on his page, we were potentially at risk, as well as all other users, including you.
By reading the SMS notification messages, you will know when the server was last restarted and what the memory use was when it stopped sending data to Java-monitor. This probably means the JVM was restarted between the time it went off-line and came back on-line. When the last SMS credit was used up, we send you an SMS message warning you that you will not receive additional SMS messages until you have purchased new credit. We are now using distributed watchdogs to ping the main site regularly from several locations. If your app is not considered “spammy” by Facebook, your visibility will remain at its best. This makes it easy for us to differentiate between a local network failure near the Java-monitor servers, or a network failure on the monitored host's end.

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