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It looks like Google is making more small changes to how its displays local search results — but these are small changes that might have a big impact on both local businesses and the users searching for them. On a number of searches I’ve done, it appears that Google has pulled phone numbers from the 7-pack display. It’s certainly a cleaner look for the 7-pack, but it adds another step in the process of search-find-contact.
This is similar to how Yahoo has allowed users to indicate bad data in local business listings since early 2007. If they are in fact pulling the phone numbers, it’s probably to force people to buy local listing ads (when available) because those include the phone number.
Apart from your company name and URL, the only other component for company differentiation and visitor evaluation is the reviews. Even then, one can’t assume that many more reviews are either good or bad without reading them. Looks to me like Google has taken a page from Chicago and Illinois sleazy politics, its called pay to play (or your out).
I’m still seeing phone numbers in all the searches I am doing (including the aforementioned Bradford PA restaurants)- hopefully this was an anomaly? I have to admit the look is cleaner but yes just another level of click through until you get to the number. Think maybe Google learned something from PPC crowd using Phone numbers in ads to avoid paying for the click?
They’re just way too busy running all kinds of Beta tests, and not smart enough to pick up on how maybe phone calls for local biz are more important than click-throughs.
Matt, Google maps hasn’t been displaying at all on my local searches for a couple of hours.
If you’ve already maxed out how many NYTimes articles you can read this month, try getting to it via the Google Search link instead.
And for a contrary view, Is Hillary Clinton really the foreign policy super-hawk she is portrayed to be? This discussion of a jewelry ad starring Gwyneth Paltrow was entirely worth the ten minutes it took me to read it. Written by Republicans, but signed with some misgivings, but basically with enthusiasm (or an eye on political gains), by Bill Clinton. House Democrats won’t say they think they have a shot at a majority — is that a huge mistake? This is interesting, and Kevin Standlee is someone whose ideas always deserve a respectful hearing. From a case in which Paramount is suing fan Star Trek filmmakers, an amicus brief on behalf of speakers of Klingon, arguing that Paramount cannot own a language.
I was no longer on staff when this happened, but at one point, the editors I who took over after I left received a letter. By the time those events occurred, I was gone and many other stories by Tim Pratt had been bought by successive editors.
I greatly admire Tim Pratt and his ability to write swift, smart prose that flows fast through action that seems unpredictable, and yet is often perfectly crafted.
I had never been to a cat cafe before, but of course I had read about them because I A) live on the internet, and B) like cats.
This gorgeous orange fluffball spent most of his time hanging out on wall-mounted shelves, but eventually came down and sat by my friend and me.
A cat cafe is to some extent wasted on someone who has five cats. When I want to pet a cat, I pet a cat.
It’s still totally worth it to poke around a cat cafe if you are cat-deprived in your life, or merely suffering from the slight cat deprivation that results when one has less than five cats. Authors constantly draw on the stories that have preceded them, particularly folklore, mythology, and fables.
Winning a Hugo is a two-stage process; a first stage to select the shortlist of nominees, and a second stage to select the winners from the shortlist. Last year, the Sad and Rabid Puppies selected a bunch of sub-par work that never would have made the Hugo ballot without the use of slates (slates: groups of fans strategically nominating from a pre-agreed short list in order to combine their voting power).
This year, the Sad Puppies have more-or-less backed off slating, and just published a recommendation list, arrived at through an open voting procedure. 1) My guess is that we’ll see Noah Ward win on at least a couple of categories this year, but most categories will have a named winner.
3) By a wide margin, more people voted to nominate works for the Hugos in 2016 than in any prior year. 4) A tedious parody of “If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love,” which was published on Vox Day’s blog, is one of the nominees for best short story.
5) But on the bright side, as Mandolin pointed out on Twitter, this makes “Dinosaurs” the first piece of fiction to have its fanfic nominated for a Hugo.
6) I wonder if there was no effort to nominate “HPMOR” at all, or if HPMOR’s fans tried but just didn’t have enough votes? 7) DragonCon is starting a fandom awards that is connected to a much larger convention than the WorldCon (home of the Hugos), and which anyone can vote in online. To flip the narrative a bit, I did get my husband into snowboarding, and I’m usually the impetus for backpacking trips. I’ve done a decent amount hiking in and around Yosemite, and I got up Half-Dome the year before I got pregnant. I’d also like to put in a word for Escape Pod, the science-fiction podcast and magazine, where I work as Assistant Editor. Every morning, Jack watched Ruth stand by the pedestal sink in her white silk robe: rubbing, dabbing, spraying, powdering, and anointing. Jack had met Ruth only two months earlier, during his obligatory annual visit to his relatives in the city.

Both Ruth and Jack felt out of place in high society, never sure which fork to use and whether or not it was polite to dab one’s face with a napkin between courses. It was an honor to appear in the first issue of The Dark and to be listed on Locus recommended reading list, 2013. Lily Yu masters the technique in this beautiful story, made even more striking by the fact that she published it so early in her career. Much later, after he had been plastered and soothed, his mother scalded the fallen nest until the wasps seething in the paper were dead. 1) One of the first times I met you, it was because you were on the liar’s panel at FogCon where people compete to tell outrageous lies.
3) If the answer to number one is not an outrageous lie, can you tell us an outrageous lie? The fun of it is putting it into a story that doesn’t sound like a dry philosophy text. Or take utilitarianism, a branch of ethics that says that you should optimize to do the most good for the most people.
It’s also fun to take logical fallacies like the slippery slope argument, where you extrapolate something to its logical extreme until it really makes no sense anymore, as a foundation for satire. It was pretty shocking and humbling to have a story nestled in the table of contents among some of your favorite authors (N.K. After having a string of short stories come out recently, I’m switching the focus to novels. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Could backfire since it makes the process to contact much more difficult, but it will make LBC dashboard stats more accurate for business owners and push the places page. I check a set of keywords often and am now noticing that the Google Local listings have disappeared from the main search results for those service-type keywords. If I search anything related to local web design or search engine marketing the maps are gone.
To explain how much competition, let me tell an anecdote about the audio magazine I used to edit, PodCastle. That letter complained of how many stories about lesbians were in the magazine, arguing that PodCastle should just be called LesbianCastle. He stepped around the spreading shadow of his best friend, Carlsbad, who had died as he’d lived: inconclusively, and without fanfare.
On the other hand, if the cats at KitTea are anything like the cats in Chez Swirsky, they would have made short work of the game by scattering everything and then plopping down on the board. It was the evening and they had been accepting the petting of strangers with good grace all day so they were tired.
As a kid, I had a collection of picture books retelling the Cinderella story in a dozen different settings. SFWA president Cat Rambo and I are teaching a class on the subject.
What are the best methods for approaching such material and what are the possible pitfalls? We’ve been collectively dabbling with Greek mythology, and Shakespearean plays, and oral folklore (and urban legends and a hundred other things) for centuries.
By gaming the vote this way, they dominated the Hugo nominations in the first stage of voting. Your website has a headline showing five eff words: fact, fiction, feminism, future and family. I’m getting to the point where I could write about being a science-fiction author, to tie this one back to the fact side. It’s probably fair to say that I speculate about the future more than the average person. I wrote it on a lark, an attempt to write something longer after working at short fiction for nearly two years straight. My husband and I have been doing a major home renovation over the same months that I’ve been working with Tor, and the latter has been much easier to deal with! Now that I’m a parent, though, I feel like it would be irresponsible to do it until after my daughter is more grown up. I hope people will go listen to some great stories (or read them on the website if that’s their preference). Ruth was also visiting the city, on doctor’s orders; she suffered from a pair of charmingly old-fashioned diseases, malaise and neurasthenia.
In recognition of this piece and her other first publications, she won the Campbell Award for new writers in 2012.
The villagers maintained an uneasy peace with their neighbors for many years, exercising inimitable tact and circumspection. For my slot on the panel, it was a tie between me, the zombified head of Richard Nixon, and a Magic 8 Ball, but of those I was the only one willing to do it without an outrageous speaking fee. If I recall, at one point one panelist was both Neil Gaiman and Seanan McGuire at the same time, and another panelist was the entire Nebula voting committee, and I believe I shot a raygun at the first audience member who asked a question.
So, take metaphysical cosmology, which is about questions of the nature of the universe, its existence, and its origin.
Does that make you more or less susceptible to “Someone is wrong on the internet” syndrome?
When I heard that an entire special issue of the magazine (which walks and quacks like an anthology) was going to be 100% written, edited, and illustrated by women, and took as its title the core of a snarky misogynistic comment from twitter, I was delighted.
Authoritative OneBox?) Not only is the business phone number also gone from this display, but it’s been replaced with a question from Google: Is this accurate?
One of the editors deviously ran the numbers and found that, proportionally, they did not actually run that many stories about lesbians.
He stepped over the brutalized remains of Ray, up the steps, and kept his eyes focused on the shrine inside.

When I want to see cats interacting, I toss Pete at his nephew or his brother, and they adorably groom each other. Headdesk.) And ESPECIALLY if you are thinking of adopting a cat because the cats at Kit Tea are looking for homes. But in the second stage of voting, which can’t be effectively slated, virtually all their choices ended up coming below “No Award,” the option Hugo voters can choose if they feel that none of the nominees deserve to win a Hugo Award.
But Day deliberately chose many nominees that would plausibly have been Hugo nominated anyway. If further changes are necessary to prevent the Rabid Puppies from gaming the system to dominate nominations, I expect further changes will be made. If there are hundreds of possible nominees, and if most nominators vote honestly, then a small group of slate voters can overpower the large majority of honest voters. 2) This shows that the Rabid Puppies are in no way about ensuring that good-quality fiction is nominated. So will they be content with getting what they want and stop trying to fuck with the Hugo Awards? Divya is one of those people who is talented across many areas: science, engineering, art, fiction, music, and extreme sports.
This comma is an exemplary citizen, always obeying a simple rule: that it follows each item in a list until the last.
This doesn’t always work in my favor (think disasterizing on a regular, involuntary basis), but it does give me plenty of ideas for stories. I knew very little about the world of book publishing, and that was what I was dealing with.
They handled the cover art and design (which I love) and have been proactive with marketing and publicity. I stole from these experiences shamelessly for Runtime, and I wish I had access to the technology that my main character does. A lot of what we publish is original fiction and I hate to see it missed because it’s not a traditional genre magazine.
Her physician believed they might be cured by exposure to the warm southern climate, so Ruth’s mother, an old family friend, had arranged for an extended stay with Jack’s aunts.
Some stories just seem to wing free of convention, to follow an unexpected trail to something excitingly new.
But it all ended the day a boy, digging in the riverbed, found a stone whose balance and weight pleased him.
Since then we’ve seen Queers Destroy and People of Color Destroy, and People with Disabilities Destroy will come next. And although Clinton favors the Iran deal now that it would be ridiculous to oppose it, iirc she was opposed to negotiating with Iran when the policy was just starting out. This room in the temple at the top of the mountain at the top of the world was large and cold, and peer as he might back through the layers of time—visible to Sigmund as layers of gauze, translucent as sauteed onions, decade after decade peeling away under his gaze—he could not see a time when this room had not existed on this spot, bare but potent, as if only recently vacated by the God who’d created and abandoned the world.
But in the present he saw only fire, twisting and writhing, consuming rock as easily as trees, with a few mountain peaks rising as-yet-untouched from the flames. I hope that this result will persuade people who have been saying “all’s that’s needed is for more people to nominate” to change their minds.
This is not to say I haven’t dabbled in the magical arts, but my favorite stories are the ones that involve a kernel (or more) of plausibility.
I took a bit of time to find a wonderful literary agent, who was also very patient and understanding, and then the ball’s been rolling merrily downhill since then. I haven’t published any other books so I have nothing for comparison, but I would certainly recommend them to any writer. You can go a lot further on a bike than on foot in the same amount of time, which means you get to see more amazing scenery.
The other she unpacked like a devotee arranging an altar: an assortment of vanilla-scented lotions, deodorants, soaps, moisturizers, scrubs and splashes. Calvino turned that first state of all matter condensed into a single point as a crowded apartment building. And have tissues on hand.) I, on the other hand, wrote a story about a cute and naive smartbomb. The Escape Artists podcasts have put out Artemis Rising and Artemis Rising 2, two all-women collections. Sigmund had not loved the world much—he’d enjoyed the music of Bach, violent movies, and vast quantities of cocaine—and by and large he could have taken or left civilization.
Sure, some of it whizzes by, but I walk all the scary sections so I get plenty of time to take it in. Asimov used increasing magnitudes of computational ability to define the pre-conditional state for creation. You!) and then see WDSF go on to win awards and become required classroom reading, but my favorite part of the whole experience was watching the conversation unfold online after publication.
We lost most of the marine life around 300 feet, and then we saw lots of strange little translucent jelly-things. On reddit, sometimes known as a bastion of intolerance and misogyny, I watched people talk about the personal essays and share their own experiences.
I place a lot of faith in the technology that lets us stay underwater, and I hope we make some advances there before I’m too old to dive. My best and worst dive experiences were during a week-long liveaboard trip in the Maldives. The best: huge manta rays swimming just inches above me on their way to a cleaning station.

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