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You may already use mobile apps and devices to check your email and participate in social networks, and even work on your online courses. Earlier this month I was privileged to present a technology workshop with Shirley Rowe, a career coach and educator, at the National Career Development Association‘s annual conference. Keep in mind that while there are countless mobile options out there, they are just one more resource for your career development and job search needs. As I revisited the list of apps Shirley Rowe and I presented to career counselors, with your needs as a student job seeker in mind, I reached out to her for additional suggestions. Dropbox: I recently discovered the benefits of this cloud storage system while working with Rowe on our conference session.
How to Tie a Tie: Turn your device into a mirror so that you can learn to tie a variety of knots along with interactive illustrations. Scarf Fashion: From the same developer as above, this one includes step-by-step instructions for 50 stylish scarf techniques, many of which are suitable for interviews and the workplace. Add alert notifications to your accounts so that you can react as quickly as possible to new job postings that match your criteria.
Go beyond job search functions to access industry-related materials on these apps, such as articles, events, and current trends to extend your research into your field of interest.
How do you use mobile technology to further your career and find out about employment opportunities? Recent studies show that as paid search moves to mobile, it is shifting from the browsers to apps.
According to eMarketer, mobile will account for 85.9% of advertising search dollars by 2018. Google’s losing share of mobile search ad market indicates the diminished role of browsers on smartphones. Forget about the penalty that you got (if any), and just focus on the rewards of the moment.
With the advent of smartphones and the onset of a zillion applications, content marketers round the globe seem to have gone berserk over the hack to create a much fruitful and productive experience for mobile users.
The curtain-call given to all users by the release of Google’s new mobile friendly update seems no less than a cyclone of due consideration to improve the responsiveness of each website and user interface on smartphones and tablet devices. Being a content marketer, devising and deciphering the code to entice maximum users are what you might be trying to tap. There definitely will be certain alterations you need, to make to your content more appropriate according to the update’s requirements, but not keeping it as per the audience would only take things wayward. However, this clearly indicated that the new index which clings on with the update finds co-relation with a new crawler in the picture. That stated, needless to say that you should make your website passable enough for mobile devices, just in case there are any repercussions like increased bounce rate on desktops. How the users interact with your content on a mobile device can be quite different from desktop users.
The first being your site’s home page, which should offer appropriate call to action for the different focal points of your website.
The next in queue are the interior pages which need to provide a concise overview at the top, for the users to scan them with ease.

And last but not the least- your blog content, which has to focus on providing a snapshot of the information to be covered. A prominent solution can be offering a teaser of the content to draw the user in and then laying out the whole piece. However, you might not want to skip clearly articulating the information they are bound to find, along with showing some empathy for their grievances and pain points. The first question that might have boggled your mind is whether or not you can find out if your top keywords are mobile or desktop ones? This means that the searcher’s result (in the form of local listings) are ought to display above the organic rankings when it comes to smartphones.
Hence, for you to figure out the keywords that are mobile oriented, webmaster or Google analytics tools might do the drill, which will clearly show the mobile only queries. Every Google update can favor you, if you understand that Google isn't doing anything new. As usual, did you notice any slight drop in your search traffic and rankings, since Google mobile friendly update rolled on on April 21st?
About Anshuman Kukreti – He is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global digital market.
They further extend the flexibility and convenience of online learning, but are also helpful for career-related activities and job search tasks. This session provided career services professionals with mobile app suggestions when working with each other and with their students and clients.
If there are too many steps or screens, or you need additional apps or plug-ins to make it work for you, you aren’t as likely to put it to use. Convenience is one goal of adding mobile devices and apps to your routine, but realizing these benefits means finding apps that support your use. Brand new tools may not have collected a lot of user feedback yet, but many apps include information about user satisfaction.
Use them along with other online and on-ground resources available, including social media, your school’s career center, and professional networking activities. Use Mindmeister as a visual design tool to illustrate, for example, a list of industries to consider or the components you want and need in your next job.
The tools are designed to help you get there through prompts that clarify your situation, lay out your options, articulate your priorities, and motivate you to take action.
Veterans can use this tool to search for jobs that match their military experience and are available in their local area. This is a time saver that prevents you from having to re-enter your preferences every time you access the app.
Imaging you are traveling in a new place, a convenient way to find a good restaurant is to open your Yelp app. If Google is the big boss of browser-based search, Yelp is becoming the leader of app-based search.
Plus, there also seems a major change to the infrastructure they are using to index or evaluate mobile search results, which excludes those from desktops.
But the algorithm has been kept fresh for no relevance to be given to historical data indicating which websites has fewer signals of mobility for adaptive content.

Goes without saying that your website should serve both mobile and desktop audience with due relevance kept at crux. It has figured out an algorithm to correctly anticipate the user intent for a specific query.
An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to content marketing trends and online courses pertaining to the same. Mobile frindly websites are really making waves nowadays but a lot of people are yet to tap from the traffic that comes from it. The conversation that continued after our presentation led to options that students and job seekers could benefit from on their own.
Think about where mobile products and services can fill any gaps in your research and outreach.
Some include paid options, but all are free to download and use in the ways indicated below. I could also make quick edits and updates that everyone was able to view as soon as they connected to the Internet. Each position links to a website with a more detailed job description and options to apply online. Not only can you find a nearby restaurant based on your GPS location, but also you are able to see the review of it.
It is important to keep in perspective the fact that Google still has relatively more mobile ad revenue than others. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Look for specific features and functions, such as a searchable jobs database and news about current trends in your field. This app also integrates with your Google Drive account, to increase the options for collaboration and sharing, importing and exporting, and printing.
The explosion of mobile app development provide people with more specialized methods for information searching. Based on eMarketer’s studies, companies like these don’t have much strength in the desktop, but they may be able to dominate the mobile search in the future. Yelp’s growing role in search reflects app-based search is a new phenomenon as well as the future trend of search market.
Because of the booming app industry, people are going to “escape” away from Google’s control in the mobile world. Although the degree of mobile users’ dependency on mobile apps search is unclear, increasing the visibility within apps is becoming an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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