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I don’t really know what English job seekers think about this but over 17 million people in America say that they found their current jobs through Facebook.
With no doubt the best way to find a job is by word of mouth and there is no other better way to use this job search technique than Facebook! It’s not a big secret that most of the jobseekers search jobs during their working hours! When we made a poll about how they found their job back in February we had interesting results which indicates a significant increase in social media’s role on recruitment.
Another interesting statistic about using social media for job search is more than half of the jobseekers are using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin in the United Kingdom. There are many companies on Facebook that are posting their latest job vacancies which can be applied by the jobseekers online if they are in the company’s network. If you are interested in Tesco jobs then join their network on Facebook and whenever they post a new vacancy you can be the first to apply! If you have a big network, means hundreds of friend list and joined in groups etc then Facebook can be really strong and helpful about your job searching. Social Media will be more and more important in coming years so if you are not there yet then go create your account!
Use of app indexing will send searchers from Google into the Facebook app, but only on Android and not for all Facebook content. Facebook has long opened up some of its walled garden to Google, in order to gain Google traffic.
Facebook has allowed Google to index some of its content going back to at least 2007, when Facebook profile pages were opened up to Google and other search engines. Over time, Facebook has opened up more of the content is has to Google, such as Facebook Comments in 2011.
The Wall Street Journal broke the news on this today, saying that Facebook began allowing Google App Indexing as of Friday, according to Google. With Google App Indexing, Google is able to jump people from a web page listing directly into a publisher’s app, where the same content loads. In the case of Facebook, this means that when someone clicks on a Facebook listing in Google search, rather than load a web page with that content, in some cases Google instead understands how to open up the Facebook app and load the same content within that.
This only happens for that content that Facebook has already opened up to Google, such as public profiles, Facebook pages, groups and events (assuming they haven’t themselves been blocked by Facebook account holders, such as if they are private in nature).
One notable class of pages that haven’t gotten Google App Indexing are personal posts or status updates that are open to the public. Facebook is not providing any new information through app indexing that Google doesn’t already get, Facebook confirmed to me directly.
Google’s search engine is dominant on the Web, but its computers can’t automatically “crawl” and categorize the information inside apps, where smartphone users spend the majority of their time. Rather, Google App Indexing today is much more about making a better experience for the searcher, jumping them directly into an app instead of a browser, rather than somehow magically finding information that’s only in the app.
I can see Google App Indexing code live now, such as on our own Search Engine Land page at Facebook. As for Facebook, it told us that it implemented Google App Indexing as part of a desire to improve the experience for those who use its app.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.

An issue for job seekers, in this time of being constantly in touch with your connections, is what happens at work? In many cases, the survival of a new product, tool, web site, or whatever, depends on how much adoption comes from the early adopter crowd: tech lovers, web geeks, social media fanatics, and so forth. I have 350+ Facebook friends — mostly tech crowd and marketing people, the kind of folks who usually jump on new tools and products.
My wife, the very definition of an average Facebook user (by that, I mean she’s on there chatting with friends constantly!), has not used Facebook Places once. The people who are into check-ins are already knee-deep in using Foursquare, Gowalla, or Yelp and aren’t inclined to change.
Facebooks new toy nor does it seem to offer anything to them as they’re used to badges or discounts where we visit often. Personally I see the potential direction where Facebook can drive this but right now it’s nothing really new. I vote that we all keep an eye on Facebook Places and agree to check back here in six months and see how it’s coming along. Nice one Matt, I think a lot of companies who are using Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla etc.
However, in my opinion I think it is only companies with a physical location (think restaurant, shop, theme park) that can benefit from things like mayor incentives, so perhaps not as beneficial to B2B businesses.
Location based services such as foursquare and gowalla are very niche services even though overhyped by mass media. I unexpectedly received two monthly bills from Google Places despite my having closed out my Places account within the promotional 30 day trial period. I also discovered there is NO phone number, email or ANY way to contact Google regarding their billing errors.
Well I tried a facebook page for my business and cannot work out how to link it to my business anyway as cannot find a link to it. That shouldn’t be a surprise for most people today as nearly everybody is on Facebook socialising or trying to advertise their business online by building communities or groups. Their weekends continue to be valuable for them so they can’t waste time searching for new positions for themselves! They let you search company names, employers via search form and join their networks to view the positions that they post. Now Facebook is stepping up its search engine optimization game by implementing Google App Indexing to ensure it continues to get that traffic as the shift to mobile continues.
The news today about Google App Indexing support doesn’t add more content but is aimed to ensure that those finding existing content from Facebook within Google have a better mobile experience. However, my test searches when using an Android Nexus 6P are not jumping me from Google’s search results into the Facebook app that I have installed, as they should. Facebook has not implemented similar mechanisms from Apple or Bing, so mobile searches on iOS (either in Safari or Chrome) or for those using Windows Mobile will not launch the Facebook app. As it turns out, Google told us it was part of a general discussion about how companies are making use of app indexing. That is, this is exactly what you’d expect any organization to do if they care about SEO. He’s a widely cited authority on search engines and search marketing issues who has covered the space since 1996. But also some regular users — old high school friends, some local folks here in the Tri-Cities, and so forth.

Most people that like the idea about checking in – are already using Foursquare or Gowalla. I have seen 10 check-ins today, I haven’t seen 10 check-in’s on my FB feed from foursquare in two months!
My gut feeling on the launch is that Facebook rushed Places to market to get their feet wet in the Locaction based Apps.
Google has been rewarding apps over the browser within its search result to a degree that, at times, it’s arguably worse for users. Danny also serves as Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which publishes Search Engine Land and produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. Surveys report that up to 50% of employers block access to sites like Facebook for productivity and security reasons.Promoting the Use of Facebook at WorkOn the other hand, and this is good news for job seekers who are concerned about staying connected, there are companies that promote the use of networking at work. Sharing some of her personal information and photos has contributed to building relationships with those clients.
As I bring up Facebook Places right now on my iPhone, this group of 350+ people only has 10 check-ins over the past 24 hours. We have not yet been able to use Facebook places here – but people are still adopting to the other locations services. So, the universe of potential users is really the people in your friends list who have iPhones.
Give it some time, I have been trying to set up the 9 locations for our business, not an easy task! I did some browsing of 30 neighborhood businesses last night and looked at a few of the most frequented bars and restaurants. I don’t think the average Facebook user has any interest in checking-in at this time and there will be no interest until there is some benefit to check-in.
But for publishers, it makes plenty of sense to ride the app indexing train, especially for potential ranking boosts.
I wondered if Christina considered using Facebook as part of her job to be burdensome or to be an invasion of her personal privacy. It will take a few weeks or even months for this to catch on and everything to get set-up, but mark my words, THIS WILL BE HUGE!!! I think the most check-ins I saw for one business was three, most had none, and a few others had one.
The average facebooker doesn’t even know what these are yet, but watch out, because when they do, you are going to be amazed.
Update Your Privacy Settings - If you're job searching or working, change your privacy settings.
Select the privacy options you want for each section of your profile and for your contact information.
Decide who will be able to see your profile information including photos, posts, contact information, online status, groups, wall, and status updates. Choose Your Networks - Decide what information each of your networking contacts can see, and what your friends can see. For example, Christina shares some information only with her friends and other information with her Serena network.

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