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You can track your stolen phone by their international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number, for that you may have to take help from your mobile company. GPS should be enabled in your mobile phone, so that it will transmit location data all the time.Some cell phones do not transmit the location data all the time but only when you make an emergency call like 911. You should also call the local mobile stores where your cell phone may have been tried to sell and also try to find out if anyone has had a tried to re-activate that particular ESN number.You can call your mobile company to check weather your ESN (the serial number) is tried to get changed or it is already been changed. You can go to websites where you will get the software’s like Microtechnologies, which will help you to track your lost or stolen phone. If you think phone is stolen then do visit the sites like as Buddy Way, Accu Tracking or Insta Mapper.
Your mobile software will track the location only if some one had tried to swap the sim card. I hope the above article will be quite helpful for recovering or at least locating your lost or stolen cell phone.

Mobile company will usually help you with this, IMEI number is located beneath your mobile battery so make sure to note it down somewhere safely. Generally you should keep your cell phones on vibration mode rather than silent because that will surely help you to find your cell phones easily.
And the best part is the other person never get to know if you have tracker in your cell phone. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. It is a kind of finger print of your cell phone as every mobile have different IMEI number. You can also visit to the business sites to help you locate your mobile phone, for example you should enter your mobile number instead of business number that will surely help to find your cell phone as some people proved. In addition to losing the phone you are losing the contacts and important data stored in it.

Hence you should be always prepared and load your cell phone with the appropriate software beforehand, so you can track and retrieve the cell phone if it is stolen. And most of you will land up at the internet every day looking for the ways to help you track your lost or stolen mobile phones. Here we have listed down some instructions that can help you to find your lost or stolen cell phones.

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