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A photo of Banksy's estranged lovers first appeared Monday on his website, sans address or even a link to Google Earth.
Old-timey government spooks are painted on a wall located three miles way from UK's electronic surveillance agency, GCHQ. Then again, maybe Banksy isn't as subtle as a sledge hammer as some critics contend, and his latest work isn't about technology and capitalism and politics and oppression and blah blah blah.
Regardless, it was quickly pinpointed on private property on Clement Street in Bristol, UK, the same city where another piece of street art believed to be by the mysterious artist appeared on Sunday on public property.

They hold various types of retro recording equipment, seemingly surrounding the decrepit phone booth still standing there. A boy walks past a piece of new graffiti street art Monday, claimed to be by the secretive underground guerilla artist Banksy, which appeared on the side of a house this weekend in Cheltenham, England. Maybe it's meant to inspire observers to turn inward and ask themselves one of countless other questions. While this mural hasn't yet been officially identified as a Banksy, maybe you can spot a theme.

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