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Whether you're joining Three or leaving for a different network, it's a straightforward process to keep your old phone number.If you're leaving Three and joining another network or if you're leaving another network in order to join Three, it's easy to keep your old phone number. Leaving Three For Another NetworkIf you're leaving Three and joining another network, you can take your phone number with you.Start by asking Three to issue you with a PAC Code. If your PAC Code is provided before 5pm, your phone number transfer will normally be scheduled for the next working day (Monday to Friday only, excluding UK bank holidays). Before writing about mobile technology, my background was in space & atmospheric physics. We would love to hear your comments: either about using a Three PAC Code or transferring your phone number from another network to Three. Hi I was on three and changed to Giff gaff using a pac code , I kept my old three sim just in case . Has it already gone past the date on which Three promised your phone number would be transferred to their network? Changed network today from o2 to 3 said I wanted to keep my number but when I call people this eve it is a new number I have?
Can I just ask this, what if I just ported in my number to let’s say, lycamobile yesterday, and then I suddenly decided to go to THREE today. My bill date on my old provider is the 4th of Each month so I’d already paid this month (November) in advance, requested the PAC on the 7th, and had the number transferred today, the 10th. I transferred from 3 to Tesco, got pac code on a Saturday 24 Sept and gave Tesco was told transfer would be done by Tuesday 27th. Hi Ken, I recently signed a contract with EE for the new iPhone 6 – I was with Three using a iPhone 4s. However, if I cancel the contract with EE I was told that I will lose my current number which I have had for 15 years! In reality, it shouldn’t be a problem moving your number from one contract to another. Phone numbers are usually stored in our cell phones, when got a new phone, first thing we do is transfer the phone numbers from old phone. Launch Mobile Transfer software, then connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone to computer.
When the software recognizes your iPhone and Galaxy phones, it will display connected status, then you can select content to copy. Hit the Start Copy button, it will start to transfer numbers with names from iPhone to Galaxy S3. For PAC Codes submitted after the 5pm cut-off, you'll need to wait one extra working day for your number to be transferred.Upgrading Your Plan On ThreeIf you're simply upgrading to a newer handset or tariff, it's not necessary to use a Three PAC Code. I've been blogging at Ken's Tech Tips since 2005 with the aim of demystifying mobile technology for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, your old SIM card on Three will now be inactive and so you won’t be possible to re-use it again. Have you followed the entire process as discussed above in this article (getting a PAC Code from O2 and giving it to Three)? I transferred my number to a SIM-Only deal from O2 to Three but I did so without activating my SIM first.
It may be necessary to unlock your handset from O2 before you’re able to use it on Three.
I have a contact with EE for my wifes phone (contract has since expired so I have no early settlement charges to pay).We intend to transfer this to three. Obviously I do not want to do this and was wondering if you perhaps knew of a way to transfer my number back to Three without my having to lose it?
Or is this simply a question about what happens to your phone number in 24 months time when the EE contract ends?
The main networks are often reluctant to transfer your phone number from one account to another.
My suggestion would simply be to persist when asking Customer Services to process your request. Other Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE and Acer smartphones are also supported by this mobile phone data transfer program.
Here we use Galaxy S3, other Galaxy phones are available, including the new Galaxy S4, Note 3 and previous Galaxy series.
You can contribute by adding your own comments here.To see all 969 comments about transferring a phone number, please see the main PAC Codes article. You can however order a new SIM card from Three, and of course you can transfer your number to this SIM card through the normal PAC Code process. Once you’ve done this, your O2 phone number will be moved to Three (before this, your Three SIM card will be assigned a temporary phone number). With regards to getting this moving ASAP, you’ll need to follow it up with Vodafone (the destination mobile network is responsible for actioning the transfer). I believe that O2 will typically lock iPhones on their network – are you using an iPhone or is it a different device?
However am I able to transfer both the number and change the ownership of the account at the same time, so the new contract will be correctly ordered and registered from three in my wife name? Hence, if you gave notice to Talkmobile on the 7th November at the same time as requesting your PAC Code, they might ask you to continue paying the bill until the 6th December.
Even if I end up missing out on a month’s worth of contract, it’s only ?7pm so not such a big deal, but I can see why it would be a bigger deal for people on far more expensive contracts! Unfortunately am not able to make or receive any calls or msgs on the number and now it’s 1st Nov nothing still.

I bought this with Carphone Warehouse and am now thinking of cancelling my contract (within the allowed 14 days which carphone warehouse are honouring). The downside to doing this as they are saying I would lose my mobile number which obviously I do not want to happen. The reasoning behind this is because you’ve actually signed up as a new customer on the second contract (new customers are often given a preferential deal to existing customers on the network). As a last resort, you can use a PAC Code to move to another network and then use another PAC Code to move back to Three (understandably, you want to avoid this as it causes more hassle). One of my friends once recommended a Mobile Phone Transfer software, which supports transfer data between various cell phones based on iOS, Android or Symbian operating systems. Install & Uninstall Mobile Phone Transfer software, Sitemap, License, Privacy, Terms of service, Contact us. In the first instance, you should call Vodafone Customer Services on 191 and ask them to check up on the status of the transfer. There’s more information about how to unlock your handset here (you may also find it interesting to read the guide on unlocking an iPhone and unlocking a Samsung Galaxy). When I closed my account with Three last Wed, I gave 30 days notice but immediately requested my PAC code which I gave to EE and I’m all set up.
So if I went back to Three, is there any way I can get out of this contract and still keep my old number? Three would rather you upgrade directly as an existing customer on their network – hence the reluctance to move your number over. You can also read our full guide on using a PAC Code: there's frequently asked questions amongst other tips for transferring your phone number. If you aren’t happy with how they deal with your request, you could then make an official complaint via this link. The trial version only allows to copy 5 contacts with numbers at a time, however, the full version permits you copy more data besides phone numbers, including text messages, photos, music, videos, apps, and call logs.
The PAC Code will allow you to transfer your number to Three.After getting the PAC Code, you should order your new handset or SIM card directly from Three's website.
You can also refer to the comments on this page - they show other people's experiences when either using a Three PAC Code or transferring their phone number from another network to Three. If you need to return or change the new handset, please do this before you transfer your phone number.Once you're happy to continue with the transfer, submit your PAC Code through Three's online form. Alternatively, you can also call 333 from your Three handset (0333 300 3333 from any other phone).

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