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Flip covers for smartphones are nothing new -- ever since smartphones have had screens, users have sought a convenient way to keep it protected and scratch-free. Like previous Samsung flip covers, the S View cover for the Galaxy S4 replaces the phone's battery door with a plastic shell, attached to which is a protective cover for the front of the phone.
But the S View cover's cut-out isn't just a one-way window for information -- it's also conductive, meaning you can make limited use of the touchscreen while it's closed. So Samsung's S View cover takes protective cases beyond the status of a dumb accessory to protect your device from knocks and scrapes, and we suspect many Galaxy S4 owners will be picking one up in the weeks and months ahead. You nearly can't (and probably shouldn't) buy a phone today that doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. The LG Watch Urbane is where fashion meets functionality in a big way, so why not continue to amp up the fashion with different bands?

There are so many great opportunities for this that samsung will likely never take advantage of.
But the latest flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes things a step further, building in new functionality based around a touch-capable window and a magnetic sensor. Like the iPad's smart cover, this is achieved with magnets, and it also allows the S View cover to turn the screen off when it's closed. This means you're able to answer calls by swiping to right, or decline them by dragging left, all while the cover is closed. If you're not a fan of the windowed version, the manufacturer will also offer a vanilla flip cover for its new flagship phone. And LG has just unveiled the next generation of the security feature, getting rid of the button and moving things under the phone's glass.

Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use. While we've been reviewing the Galaxy S4, we've also had the chance to take the official 'S View' case for a spin, and we've been pretty impressed with what Samsung's brought to the table. The idea here is that you're able to view selected information from the screen while it's still protected behind the cover, and that's exactly what happens when you press the power button while it's closed. Because the phone knows when the cover is attached and closed, it's able to display a special, smaller call notification in the area of the screen.

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